Difficult items to move: Perks of NYC professionals

With every move, you will realize that there are certain items which are more difficult to move than others. While they aren’t impossible to relocate, they have the highest chance of damage during transport. So, there are some movers that won’t move them at all. And then, there are others that will ask for an extra fee. But, if you take a couple of precautions with these difficult items to move, you won’t have too much trouble. In our experience, most of the local NYC professional companies will take these items aboard without any unnecessary agitation.

Among the most troublesome things to move to New York are: plants

Some companies in New York won't transport houseplants at all.
Houseplants are among the most difficult items to move – some companies won’t transport them to NYC.

We’ve already mentioned that houseplants are among the most difficult items to move in our post on relocating from Miami to NYC without a care. For those who haven’t read it, we’ll quickly recap, shall we? If you’ve been researching apartments in New York, you already know that the size and the rent are usually problematic. You will likely be paying a lot of money for a small place. So, if you own any tall or large houseplants they may not fit your new place. In addition, some species won’t be able to survive in the Big Apple climate, even when kept indoors. So, our suggestion would be re-homing your potted friends and getting new ones when you settle in after your move. However, if there are a couple of plants which are of sentimental value, here are tips on how to relocate them:

  • Some movers from the Big Apple won’t take houseplants onboard at all – be sure to ask about it
  • You will need to repot your plant at least a few weeks before moving it – plastic containers are the best for a relocation
  • Make sure that your houseplants are healthy and properly pruned before you move them to NYC
  • Water your plants the last time two days before the move or so – wet soil will make them one of the most difficult items to move
  • Packing should be done the night before or the morning of the relocation – make sure that the box is comfortably big
  • We would suggest getting hard crates with handles on the sides to make them less difficult items to move to your new place in New York
  • Load the houseplants last and unload them first – carefully

Another one of the most difficult items to move to NYC is a TV

Big TVs are great, right? They let you count all the freckles on the faces of your favorite movie stars as you’re watching their newest film. However, there comes a time when huge, flat screen TVs become a problem. This is during a relocation to New York. First of all, think about your future home, like in the previous paragraph. Have you already found the perfect apartment in New York that you’ll be moving to? If you have, measure your TV and see if it will fit the new place. If you don’t have a flat ready for move in, or you’re relocating into a temporary one, consider storage in NYC. However, for those brave souls who will be using professional movers to transport their television, here are some tips:

Big TVs are on the list of most difficult items to move to the Big Apple.
A large TV is among the most difficult items to move to New York.
  • The original packaging is the best container for your TV – it will prevent it from being damaged during the move
  • If you don’t have the original box, use plenty of wrapping to absorb any impact and reduce movement while the TV is traveling to the Big Apple
  • A good ding against the door is almost inevitable. Tell your movers to pay attention to this during loading and unloading the item

Pets are on the list of hardest ‘things’ to move to NY, too

Things always tend to get a little hectic when you’re moving something living, right? No matter how sweet your cat is or how well-behaved your dog is, the stress of the move will get to them. They will feel the change happening inside the home and act up. Luckily, cats and dogs can be prepared for the move slowly and then taken with you as you’re traveling to New York. Fish, reptiles and some exotic pets, on the other hand, can’t. This, along with their habitats, is what makes them one of the top difficult items to move. So, here are some tips:

  • If you will be taking your fish to New York:
    • Consider re-homing them and then buying new ones once you arrive to the Big Apple
    • If you are keeping them, transfer them to a holding container with the water from the aquarium
    • If you have any plants in the aquarium, put them in a ziplock bag with some of the drained water, too
    • Store the filters in a canister without any chemicals
    • Cleaning and disassembling the aquarium should be one of the last tasks before moving day
    • Storing the aquarium in its original packaging would be best, as its one of the most difficult items to move to NYC
  • If you have a creature which lives in a terrarium, all things from the case with the aquarium apply. But, be careful that your reptile doesn’t escape during the move
  • Birds fall into the easier category for transportation, as they can travel to New York in their birdcage

Some other things which fall under difficult items to move are fragile items

A move to NYC can be hard on your china. Be careful when packing it.
Be careful when packing your favorite plates and glasses for the move to New York.

When you’re hiring one of the professional moving companies in NYC you won’t have to worry too much about liability for fragile items. After all, the movers will offer insurance for some of them. And, if you want to be sure, you can purchase your own on the side. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your best to protect your fragile belongings. Start by using plenty of wrapping and padding as you’re putting them in boxes. Be careful to mark all the boxes with these items clearly as fragile. If necessary, also add top and bottom labels. This will allow for the movers to safely load and unload your fragile items which are among the most difficult items to move to NYC.