Different kinds of fraudulent movers in NY

Moving within NY has become almost a regular thing. Rarely will you see a New Yorker stay in one place for too long. Thanks to this the moving industry is blooming. You can see a large number of moving companies emerging, offering nice bundles and trying to stay competitive. On the downside, you can also see a whole lot of frauds appearing, trying to take away your hard earned money as well as your limited time. Now, since the process of moving is a complex one, it gives these frauds numerous ways to sabotage it and make your moving day a living nightmare. There are different kinds of fraudulent movers in NY and we are going to try to point out the most malicious ones.

Most Common Fraudulent Movers in NY

In spite of the fact that there are different ways fraudulent movers in NY will try to scam you, they are all after the same thing – your money. We will try to make it easy for you to spot several different types of fraudulent movers in NY, but we won’t be able to cover them all. They are sneaky, and with each day they are inventing new ways to take your buck. One thing is certain, if you do your research right the chances you’ll be scammed are minimal. So make sure you use all the technologies at your disposal to find as much as you can about the company you are hiring.

Fraudulent movers in NY will do everything to get to your money easily.
Fraudulent movers in NY are after your money!

Large Deposits – No Show

First things first, the way they lure you in is by offering something you might like (usually a cheap moving price). If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. So for starters, try to avoid being dragged in by unrealistically cheap prices. But let’s say the prices were just a tad under the norm, and you sought a good deal so you went for it. We can’t blame you. However, in spite of everything you checked they seemed legit. The only weird thing was them asking for a large deposit in advance.

Ok, stop it right there. There is absolutely no reason why they should ask for such a thing. Moreover, there’s absolutely no reason why you should agree to it. In most cases, fraudulent movers in NY will ask for a large deposit and then never show up. Do your homework, read their reviews, go to their office, meet the people. If you do this, there’s no way you’ll fall prey to such an agency.

Changing the Price on the Day of the Move

This is an old school one. Even though it is the least ‘dangerous’ one, it is still very bothersome. What some fraudulent movers in NY will do is agree with you to move you for a certain price. Which would be fine if it stayed that way. On the day of the move, they would call you up and state that they have no space in their trucks (or some other lame excuse) and propose for you to move the moving day. Of course, this wouldn’t be done 2 days in advance, but rather an hour after they should have shown up. You can imagine how inconvenient this can be if it happens on the day of your long distance move. This is why you should be extra careful when hiring your long distance movers.

Beware of fraudulent movers in NY for they are cunning and they invent new was to rip you off each day.
There are some mainstream frauds, however new ones are invented every day!

Now, where is the scam in this? The scam hides behind their alternative proposal. Instead of moving your moving day for a couple of days, they propose for you to pay extra money in order to receive the service on the day you already agreed on. Basically, they would force you to pay almost twice as much. It’s one of the oldest NYC moving scams in the book, but unfortunately, it still works. You can easily beat this by reading reviews of the company. If they are going to try to do it to you, they were bound to do it to someone else in the past. Do your homework!

Belongings Held as a Hostage

Ok, this might be the scariest one. I mean, it could be scary if you owned some relics and heirlooms, or just very expensive things. In some cases, they wouldn’t even hold them hostage but rather disappear without a trace. Even though all of these frauds can be considered illegal, this one is theft and is truly illegal. If you were ever to find yourself in such a scenario – make sure to notify the police. 

Different types of frauds in NY are even illegal.
If your belongings are held as hostage you have to notify the authorities.

How does this cam work? It’s very simple. The fraudulent movers in NY would appear as normal. They would be super professional and courteous. The frauds would pack your things and load the trucks. You will agree on meeting at the new destination – but they will never show up. Instead of them showing up you will receive a phone call saying that your items are now being held hostage until you pay a certain amount of money. After you’ve paid you would normally receive a location of your belongings. It sounds like horrific, I know. In other cases, after loading the trucks they would just disappear. No phone call, no nothing.

The good news is that in most cases, moving companies who have a long tradition of doing business will never be able to do such a thing. This is why newly formed moving agencies with no portfolio are somewhat risky. Make sure to do your research and meet the moving agency before agreeing to do business.

There just a few red lights to consider: unrealistically low prices, phone estimates, young companies with no portfolio and lack of online reviews. To stay super safe, if any of these show up make sure to avoid it, by far. Make sure you know these things before hiring your NY movers. Other than that, good luck!