Cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment

So you have decided to move to the Big Apple. It is definitely full of excitements an opportunities and you will love it. The first thing you should do is find great movers like Big Apple Movers NYC, that will guarantee a successful and stress-free move. When that is taken care of it is time to find your piece of heaven in NYC. Once you do find your perfect apartment you will probably want to adjust it to your needs. NYC apartments are sometimes notorious when it comes to lighting. But you can change all of that thanks to the cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment we are going to suggest.

artistic cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment
There are many creative cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment

Simple and cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment

Living in NYC doesn’t come cheap. That is why these lighting solutions are simple and cheap. They are especially great for tiny apartments that will shine in a bright new light. These solutions should fix the problems of not enough windows, shadows, dark corners and overall gloominess in your apartment.

Install some interesting ceiling fixtures

If you install an interesting and unusual ceiling fixture it will open up your space. This will draw attention to the fun fixture and away from your tiny apartment. Interior designers agree that this is a chic detail. Moreover, they state that this is going to make your space look much larger. In addition, they say that this should not be the only light source in the room. You should add more sources of light including some natural light.

Get some lampshades

Lampshades are cheap and interesting sources of light. They are also very decorative and they will make your place look modern and fancy. If you want more light in the room you should use lighter lampshades. However, if you want less lighting you should opt for darker shades. You can find a big choice of cheap lampshades online. When we mention it you will probably want to find cheap movers as well. You can do it online because moving companies optimize websites for search engines. This optimization will enable you to easily find and book your perfect movers online.

Use incandescent lights

Incandescent lights are one of the cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment. NYC is not one of the most affordable cities in the USA. That is why you will want to get cheaper solutions and save some money.  This is very simple because you just need to get incandescent bulbs. They have that soft yellow light. Experts say that it is relaxing and homey. Moreover, scientists say that strong blue light intervenes with sleep. On the other hand, incandescent lights will promote good sleep and relaxation.

incandescent light
Incandescent lights are a great and cheap lighting solution

Task lighting is the latest trend

You just have to include task lighting because it is the latest trend according to interior designers. It is not as expensive as you might think. Actually, it can be one of the DIY living room upgrades, or kitchen or bedroom upgrades. In the kitchen, these can be lights under the cabinets. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely useful. In the bedroom, you can set them behind the bed. This will e a pleasant and quite useful bedroom light. It will be useful for your readings.

task lighting in the bedroom
Task lighting is a great idea for your home

Use the magic of mirrors

Did you know that mirrors can make your apartment seem lighter? The trick is to set mirrors opposite of the windows. Mirrors are one of the cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment, believe it or not. The magic happens because the natural light from the windows reflects when it reaches the mirrors. The light disperses and lights up the entire room. This is a cheap and easy solution for a lighter home. This is definitely one of the things to do before moving into a new home. You can even decorate the mirrors using some DIY mirror decoration techniques.

Use floor lamps

Floor lamps are modern and interesting details. You can use them in the living room or bedroom. Even your halls will be perfectly lit with a good floor lamp. They are especially useful if you have a lack of space. Experts say that you should use up the vertical space instead of floor space. For an even more efficient lighting, they recommend that the floor lamp has a torchiere top. Moreover, there should be a task light somewhere in the middle part of the lamp. In addition.they are a perfect solution for dark and gloomy corners. If you put a floor in a dark corner it will illuminate both that corner and the entire room.

black floor lamp in a living room
Make use of floor lamps

Use that wall space

Use your wall space wisely. Experts say that vintage wall sconces are all the rage these days. You can buy them for a cheap price online. The old and used ones are going to give that vintage chick look yo your rooms.

  • You can use them in the living room or bedroom.
  • You could even install one in your bathroom.

Especially if you have that antique and vintage looking bathtub that so many NYC apartments have. Their best use is at the bedside wall. Your bedside table can get crowded. Why would you put a lamp there, when you can just install a great sconce or wall lamp.

Get light dimmers

Light dimmers are a great investment. You will have many different lighting modes in just one lamp or light. Dimmers will enable you to control the light intensity. Dimmer switches are a game changer when it comes to light control. When you need stronger light just switch to a higher intensity. When you have a romantic evening you can just switch to the romantic soft glow. In choosing the lighting, be sure to pay attention to both form and function. Choose the materials, colors and patterns that match the aesthetic of your place. We are sure you will be inspired by some of our cheap lighting solutions for your NYC apartment.