How to prevent moisture in your apartment

Every activity in your apartment produces a certain amount of moisture. Whether you are cooking, washing the dishes or just breathing, you will be bringing small amounts of moisture into the air. And this can become a problem if you end up with a bigger amount of moisture. Moisture is an entrance for mold and mildew, so you will need to know how to prevent moisture in your apartment. When you become aware of the amount of it that you produce, you will know how to reduce it, too. Do these simple steps if you don’t want to deal with bigger problems later. Continue reading “How to prevent moisture in your apartment”

5 common roommate issues and how to resolve them

Having a personal living space is the basic need of every living creature on this planet. Today, many of us choose to share our living space. This provides us with a safer home and a cheaper way of living. Unfortunately, some of us can’t choose who we want to live with. In most cases, we’re forced to team up with a person we are not really familiar with in order to save some money on rent and expenses. In situations like these, clashes of will are bound to happen. So, in order to make your joint life in NYC easier, here are the 5 most common roommate issues and the best ways to resolve them. Continue reading “5 common roommate issues and how to resolve them”

Adapting to a bigger home – living large

If you lived in a small apartment or a smaller house, you know what it means to be in a confined space. Of course, some people prefer a smaller apartment, but if you have a large family, it can present the problem. However, if you decide to live in a larger area, we will help you to adapt to a new home. With good advice, this will not be a problem. Adapting to a bigger home with your old habits is our goal. Mostly you will have a strange feeling of empty space in a larger home, but that will be an advantage. Imagine how much your life will be easier when you have space for your current things. Plus places for new stuff like decoration, ornaments, furniture and many more things. We will update you with fresh ideas, no worries just relax. Continue reading “Adapting to a bigger home – living large”

How to run a business from a storage unit?

Starting up your own business can be very challenging. Especially if you need to pay for an office in the Big Apple, which can be insanely expensive. You might try to cut down on your starting expenses by running a business from your home. But know it is only a matter of time when your business will take over the whole house. If this is already the case, and your house is crowded with paperwork, start cleaning it up and prepare to run a business from a storage unit. Continue reading “How to run a business from a storage unit?”

Guide for renting out your apartment in NYC

Sooner or later, every person in NYC has gone through the process of renting an apartment. Even though you have plenty of experience in the area, you could be dumbfounded when making a transition from a tenant to a landlord. Renting out your apartment in NYC is a process that comes with a lot of dos and don`ts. Today, Big Apple Movers NYC disclose to you all the little secrets of being a good landlord and profiting from it. Continue reading “Guide for renting out your apartment in NYC”

The advantages of having a home with a backyard

When people are about to relocate to a house, most of them are dreaming to have a backyard in their home. Having a home with a backyard is a good thing because you will have space for all the things you want to have in your home. On the other hand, having your own peace inside the house you are living in is also a good thing. But, what are the real advantages when you are having a backyard? Continue reading “The advantages of having a home with a backyard”