Step-by-step guide to buying an apartment in Brooklyn

You have been a tenant in New York long enough and you are determined to purchase a real estate of your own. Your heart is set on buying an apartment in Brooklyn. You love this borough and all its charm and you are ready to become an apartment owner. But you lack experience in property buying and you need some tips. Well, you have come to the right place! Continue reading “Step-by-step guide to buying an apartment in Brooklyn”

Tips for arranging a yard sale before the move

We are always collecting things – little clutter items, gifts we might never use but still keep, magazines, newspapers etc. Over the years, these things pile up in our homes, and we don’t even realize it until it is time to move. Then, you start going through your items and realize just how much things you have that you don’t use. However, instead of throwing these away, or using NYC moving and storage, there is a way you can reduce the strain of your move, and make a few quick bucks. If you have enough time, then think about arranging a yard sale before the move. This is the quickest and easiest way to get some money. In this article, we give you a couple of tips on how to do this. Continue reading “Tips for arranging a yard sale before the move”

Top college dorms in NYC

Life in New York City can be a great adventure. By just walking down the streets you can see so many tremendous things. It offers opportunities you couldn’t possibly have in any other city in the world. Wandering the streets is almost as if you’re traveling the world since the diversity of people you’ll see on your way is huge. No matter the time during a day or night, the city is equally alive. It gives the impression that you’re never alone here. Moreover, the creativity is being expressed in many different ways throughout every borough. It is impossible to stay uninspired by it. Furthermore, NYC area is one of the best for those who would like to pursue their education and bring it to a higher level.  In addition to this, college dorms in NYC also offer a unique experience for every student. Move to NYC and enjoy your college life! Continue reading “Top college dorms in NYC”

A guide to renting an apartment in Manhattan

Honestly, renting an apartment in Manhattan is some heavy duty business. I mean I found it extremely difficult, but that might be a problem with me and not with the process. I am the worst kind of person to look for an apartment for renting – I’m an immensely picky person with a low budget. Just tried to do what we all lean towards – getting the best possible deal for the money I’ve got. This goes especially if you’re moving to Manhattan as a single parent. Continue reading “A guide to renting an apartment in Manhattan”

Best New York Neighborhoods for Retirees

Every time we talk about New York City we talk about the hustle and bustle, the noise, the rush, the young. We have to consider that there are over 1.5 million New York City residents that are older than 65. The numbers are yet to increase when the baby boomer generation takes some well-earned rest and move to retirement. A friend of mine approached me, knowing that I blog about any and all, and asked me about the best neighborhoods for retirees. I choked for I didn’t have an answer, at all. I never thought about it. And above all – I felt bad for never thinking about it. Continue reading “Best New York Neighborhoods for Retirees”

Best Suburbs to Buy a House in NYC

Are you looking to go to the suburbs to buy a house in NYC? You’re basically done with all the city noises and the ridiculously large crowd always being in a hurry? Right you are, it can be annoying. Usually, people deal with this by moving out of the city entirely, but this is not the only way to deal with it. Continue reading “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in NYC”