When is the cheapest time to relocate?

So, you’ve decided to make a big change in your life and try your luck in another city? That is admirable since this step isn’t such an easy to take for many.  The time will show is it a good decision, but the key is to keep a positive attitude. Something that is hard to do, when you’re facing all those hard moving tasks and expensive costs. However, you can spear your finances if you just pick the cheapest time to relocate. Choosing the moving day wisely will give you the opportunity to get the help of professionals, even if you’re moving on the tight budget. Booking your relocation in just the right moment can save you a lot of money and stress. Continue reading “When is the cheapest time to relocate?”

When do you need to hire furniture movers

The question of when to hire furniture movers comes to mind not just when you do not own a world-class art or a million dollar couch. You do not need those to stress out when it comes to moving. Packing and moving your furniture is not just a breeze. It requires quite a lot of planning and therefore execution. Without proper knowledge and equipment, you risk damaging items and ending up with costly errors. This is where professionals come to mind – specialists that use best methods and techniques to move household stuff with highest professionalism and care. By hiring professional furniture movers you save yourself the time and nerves. The truth is, moving bulky and heavy items can be stressful and harmful.  So what are pros and cons as well as benefits for you to consider? Continue reading “When do you need to hire furniture movers”

How to store your books in NYC home

Moving to New York is a big change in your life and it forces you to adapt to a new lifestyle. Along with getting used to a new location, a new pace of life and a new subway system, you need to fit your belongings into a new space. We are all familiar with the fact that many places in New York are smaller than one might like. Some people have an issue fitting all of their belongings into their New York home. If you’re looking for moving estimates NYC before the move, you can search online and get the information you need. And if you’re worried about storage, here’s how to store your books in NYC home. Continue reading “How to store your books in NYC home”

How to downsize into your NYC apartment

Are you moving from suburbs to the “concrete jungle” better known as the Big Apple? Congratulations are in order! However, along with the congratulations, you should also receive some warnings. Or, better yet, tips on how to downsize into your NYC apartment. And generally – how to handle New York life. Especially if you are coming from a lot smaller place. If you are used to having a backyard at your home and crossing a street without the fear for your life, you are in for some surprises in NYC! We assume you didn’t decide to move on a whim, without any researching. You have researched basic stuff like how much do movers cost in NYC, that’s for sure. But we will help you with some not so obvious stuff and give you advice on how to handle the difference in the size and possibilities of your living space. Continue reading “How to downsize into your NYC apartment”

The importance of inspecting NY property before renting

Generally, inspections are performed by a landlord, a maintenance worker, or property manager walking through the apartment. They will look for damages to the apartment, changes made to the interior, or exterior of the property. Them inspecting NY property before renting means making an inventory of all the alterations and taking necessary action with the tenant. If you are the landlord, you will have to do a move-in inspection with your chosen tenant. This is your chance to make note of anything wrong with the unit and formulate the certificate of insurance moving. Are there marks on the walls left by previous occupants? Do all the appliances work? Are there any smaller items that need to be fixed? Be sure to inspect the apartment to build a good relationship with your renters and save yourself from any future trouble. Continue reading “The importance of inspecting NY property before renting”

Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC

Are you tired of never-ending summer and all-year-long sunshine? Do you miss your fur coats and leather boots? Maybe the time for Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC has finally come. Prepare yourself for all four seasons and NYC traffic, because you are in for a surprise. Before you actually step foot on NYC ground and start stressing out because of the traffic, there is one important step to take. The first thing to do when you have such a complex task in front of you is to hire reliable and trustworthy interstate movers NYC to execute your relocation. Because this is really one of those projects where you shouldn’t apply DIY philosophy. You need someone serious to follow through all the moving parts that come with relocation. That way, you can start your life at a new location without worries. So, brace yourself and enjoy the ride!

Continue reading “Moving from Fort Lauderdale to NYC”