Moving from Bolivia to USA

If you are moving from Bolivia to USA you probably have a lot of questions about the entire process. This is an international move and it is important to find good international movers. Let us tell you the truth. You are going to find the best movers in New York. Let your Big Apple Movers NYC organize a perfect move for you. When you move to USA you will have to plan and organize everything carefully. You will first need to obtain legal permission.This is a complex process, so you should better start in time. We will give you some advice on how to prepare for a move and what steps to take for a perfect move to the USA. Continue reading “Moving from Bolivia to USA”

Moving from Arizona to New York

Even though you are thinking about moving within the same country, moving from Arizona to New York is a huge step. These two places are quite far away, and since this is an interstate move, it probably requires long distance movers NYC to help you out. But, don’t you worry. We have a guide ready for you. We will go through each step of this process and help you make moving from Arizona to New York as smooth as possible.

Biggest differences between Arizona and New York

There are different reasons why somebody is moving this far away. Either way, you should be aware of the main differences between Arizona and New York. Here are some of them :

  • Weather – this is probably the biggest difference. Compared to New York, summer days can be very hot and dryness can be a big problem. On the other hand, New York can have severe snowstorms during winter.
  • Driving a car – In Arizona, you need a car. The transportation system is not as developed as in New York so most of the people have a car and use it on daily basis. After moving from Arizona to New York, you can relax and sell your four-wheeled friend. In New York, the subway is the easiest way to get around, and driving and parking are absolutely not necessary.
  • Animals – Arizona is a place where some of the wild animals like scorpions are to be seen sometimes. You don’t have to worry about that in NYC. There you can worry about mosquitoes only.

Why moving from Arizona to New York is a great idea?

New York is great, and by many, it is considered a hot spot of the country. Even though there are some downsides (particularly, costs as higher), there are even more advantages of living in New York. Everything you might need – shopping in the best stores, food, culture, art – you can have it here. This city is a place for those who want to start a business. In neighborhoods like Dumbo, you will find a lot of tech startups and some growing companies. Furthermore, this city never sleeps – you will have the opportunity to go out and have fun whenever you want. If you have kids, you will find some amazing private and public schools, as well as some great playgrounds and other sources of fun.

Enjoy Manhattan after moving from Arizona to New York
New York offers so much to its residents

How to move to New York?

Moving from Arizona to New York is a long process and you should definitely think it through. Our advice is to start planning early and think about every detail of your move. Here are some of the steps on how to make the move smooth and easy.

Choose the neighborhood

You need to find a place where are you going to live and New York offers a variety of choices. That’s why you need to set your priorities first and see what do you expect from the neighborhood you are about to move into. These factors may include the cost, commute time, commotion and generally lifestyle you have. We advise that you explore the city and feel the vibe of the boroughs you chose. Check out some local restaurants and shops, meet the locals and talk to them. Make a list of things that you like and don’t like, that will help you decide later on. Here are some of the most popular boroughs in New York:

  • Astoria – when you can’t afford Brooklyn, this little neighborhood will offer a larger space for the money. The proximity to Manhattan is great and you can get to JFK airport so easily.
  • East Village – a neighborhood that has been popular for a long time. It has been an artistic place for a long time, and many musicians, playwrights, etc live here. It is said to have an old NYC vibe, not so common for other neighborhoods.
  • Park Slope – a popular Brooklyn neighborhood, which is peaceful and close to nature. That makes it perfect for families with children, or young couples wanting to grow one.
  • Dumbo – short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”. It offers you the chance to look at the Brooklyn waterfront and Manhattan. It is the place perfect for tech startups, finding a cool office, but it is also a residential area, with many families living there.

Hire professionals to help you

If you are moving from Arizona to New York, you need to transport a lot of things long distance. That means, that, no matter how organized you may be, a professional help is necessary. Experienced movers will help you move your furniture from your home without any problems. On the other hand, if you need help with a commercial move, you will need to contact the office movers in New York.  These people know exactly how to deal with particular items, especially fragile or bulky ones. They also know the traffic and streets of NYC better than you do, so they will transport your stuff easily.

a man moving 5 cardboard boxes of different sizes after moving from Arizona to New York
Professional movers will help you relocate easily

Pack carefully

Packing seems the easy part of the move, compared to finding a home or choosing a neighborhood. But, don’t be fooled. You are about to move your home completely, not just a few items, so you need to do that carefully. Here are some tips:

  • choose the right boxes – depending on the size of your items, choose the right moving boxes that are big and strong enough. If you want to cut down costs, you can find some free cardboard boxes.
  • pack by rooms – be organized when packing things, and pack them by rooms, so later it will be easy for movers to put the boxes in particular rooms and for you to unpack them.
  • label the boxes – use a sharpie in different colors to label each box and stay organized.
  • be careful with fragile items – sensitive items, like electronics, need to be packed with care. Furthermore, if you have some expensive, artsy items, contact fine art movers NYC to help you out.
A woman holding a large cardboard box
pack carefully to avoid transport problems

The decision you made, to move to New York, is definitely a great one. If you follow the steps of the moving process carefully, you’ll have no problems. You will be in your new NYC home in no time, ready to explore the city!

Choosing the right moving boxes

When you think about it, a move couldn’t be possible without the right moving boxes. However, a small number of people actually think about them as an issue, until it comes to packing itself. The things you pack inside your boxes are valuable and important for you, so you need to be careful when choosing the right moving boxes and way to pack things inside them. The system is easy. All you need to do is find the appropriate boxes, pack items carefully and then store boxes the right way. Other, safer way is to hire movers in Manhattan that can help you. How to find and pack right moving boxes, check our tips and tricks. Continue reading “Choosing the right moving boxes”

Moving with children to Manhattan – here’s how to prepare

Children generally depend on routines and change is something they rarely welcome. That’s why they are usually unhappy when they hear that they are moving. We put off telling them to avoid their fits and displeasure, but we should be doing quite the opposite. Here’s how you should prepare for moving with children to Manhattan. Continue reading “Moving with children to Manhattan – here’s how to prepare”

Benefits of moving to Bay Ridge

So you are planning to move to NYC. This is a great decision because you will have a lot of job opportunities and you will find yourself in the center of the world. When deciding what borough to move to, we would suggest Brooklyn, since it is becoming a very popular moving destination. So hire the best Brooklyn moving and storage services you can find and start your relocation. Brooklyn has a lot of interesting parts to choose from.We are going to suggest Bay Ridge, a great area in Brooklyn. We are going to discuss the benefits of moving to Bay Ridge. You will be able to get a lot of information about the history, current situation and housing prices in this area. So if you are relocating and moving boxes in Brooklyn choose this chili pepper shaped area because it is a great place to live. Continue reading “Benefits of moving to Bay Ridge”

Moving from Pittsburgh to NYC

So, you have decided to move from Pittsburgh to NYC. That’s great! Now you need to find a place to live, hire some long distance NY movers, and then start your new life. We have already written about checking new movers in NYC and preventing NYC moving problems. But what is living in NYC like? There can be a lot of shocks after moving from Pittsburgh to NYC. We are here to tell you about strange habits New Yorkers have, as well as the places where they spend their time. Continue reading “Moving from Pittsburgh to NYC”