How is moving with seniors different

Moving and stress always go hand in hand. When it comes to moving with seniors, we need to be particularly thoughtful. They are usually highly attached to their homes and belongings, and parting with them causes substantial anxiety. However, after thinking about the relocation process for a while, you can see how to manage to move with seniors successfully. All you need to do is give them enough time and help, understand their feelings and have patience. Continue reading “How is moving with seniors different”

Common belongings you won’t need in NYC

It is impossible not to love New York City. As vibrant as it is, it offers you a lot. You can eat your favorite meal in a great restaurant and then head out to a newly opened art gallery. You can spend your afternoon in a museum and in the evening dance in the most popular nightclubs. This is a city of opportunities and you are lucky for moving to the Big Apple. Everything you need, you can find in this exciting city. Hence, there is no need to move everything you own to your new home. When planning your relocation, know there are many belongings you won’t need in NYC. And we usually realize that after the move. We don’t want for you to make these common mistakes, so we have made a list of the items you won’t need to bring to your home. Continue reading “Common belongings you won’t need in NYC”

How to prepare your pet for a move to New York

If you have decided to move, you should know that things can get overwhelming. This is especially true if you have a pet you need to move as well. We know that you care about the wellbeing of your darling, so we are going to give you some advice on how to prepare your pet for a move to New York. So if you are moving to New York with your pet you will definitely find these tricks useful. Continue reading “How to prepare your pet for a move to New York”

The easiest way to relocate your storage unit

Renting a storage unit comes very handy during you transitional life events. You can look at your storage unit as an extension to your home. It gives you an extra space for your furniture and other belongings. They come very helpful during the renovation, and especially when you are planning a relocation to the new house. But they usually don’t last forever. Most of the times tenants rent them on a short-term basis. Is it already time to say goodbye to your storage unit? Whether it is because you are planning to find a new storage or you just don’t need it anymore, you will need to know the best tips to relocate your storage unit. Continue reading “The easiest way to relocate your storage unit”

Benefits of living in a loft in NYC

It can be quite difficult to decide to move to a loft in NYC. Such big life decisions are quite hard to make. There are many benefits of Living in an apartment in New York City. We know about that confusion when planning such a big life decision. That is why we have gathered information about the benefits of living in a loft in NYC. Continue reading “Benefits of living in a loft in NYC”

How to plan a nationwide relocation?

Moving can quite difficult especially long distance moving to New York. When planning a long distance relocation you get overwhelmed by a lot of tasks. Apartment hunting in New York,  deposits, broker’s fees, are just a few things to start with. Then there is what things you will move with you, how will you move all your stuff that far. We know all these activities can be difficult. That’s why we have gathered information on how to plan a nationwide relocation. This tips will make this big transition in your life easier. Continue reading “How to plan a nationwide relocation?”