Moving to NY from DC

There are many people that decide to move from DC to NY. You may miss some things of this great state but you will definitely not be disappointed by NY. Moving to NY from DC is a great thing since New York brings a lot of opportunities to everyone. If you want to move to this great state you will have to do a lot of preparation. Relocation takes a lot of time and effort, but it will surely pay off. Continue reading “Moving to NY from DC”

How to Say Goodbye to Your Neighbors

When you decide to relocate, it doesn’t just mean moving to a new place. It also means leaving everyone you know behind and stepping into something new. Surely, it is an exciting time in your life and a chance to start fresh. However, it can be emotionally hard to part ways and to say goodbye to your neighbors and friends. These are the people you’ve probably known for years, who have been by your side through it all. Some of them you may know since you were a little kid! So we understand that it’s not easy to make this choice and venture into the unknown. We’ll give you a few ideas on how you can make your last days with friends memorable and fun. Continue reading “How to Say Goodbye to Your Neighbors”

Tips for Millennials Moving to NYC

The Big Apple is a city filled to the brim with opportunities for everyone. A city that never sleeps, where people are always in a rush somewhere, carrying their coffee and avoiding tourists. It may seem hectic but trust us. After you spend a few days in this magical city, you will indubitably fall in love with it. It has a specific charm and it gives everyone a chance to begin a new chapter in their lives. That’s probably the reason there are so many Millennials moving to NYC these days. While it can be tricky to live in this great city, don’t worry. Contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to make your dreams come true! Continue reading “Tips for Millennials Moving to NYC”

Best NY neighborhoods for expats

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to move out of your home country, it can often be difficult. Leaving everything you have grown to know and love behind, and moving to an unknown country. However, to matter what your reasons for this move are, it absolutely doesn’t have to be a sad event. Especially if you’re moving to New York City! A dream of many, the Big Apple is truly a wonderful place to live, no matter if it’s just temporary or permanent. The magic of this urban jungle will creep under your skin (even if you’re moving from Europe!) and make you fall in love with it almost instantly. If you’re curious about what are the best NY neighborhoods for expats to live in, read on! Continue reading “Best NY neighborhoods for expats”

Best things to do on Thanksgiving weekend in NYC

Thanksgiving is one of New Yorkers’ favorite holidays! The entire New York becomes a breathtaking place, spreading a festive spirit and offering the most fun events. No matter if you’re looking for kids or adult events, fun for families or friends, NYC fulfills everyone’s wishes! If you’re searching the best things to do on Thanksgiving weekend in NYC, read our article and get ready for spending the best Thanksgiving ever! And if you need professional help while relocating to Big Apple, hire the best international movers NY. Continue reading “Best things to do on Thanksgiving weekend in NYC”

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

When it comes to planning a move, long-distance one might be the toughest, most feared one of the bunch. It’s not really the distance you need to cross, although it does factor in the fear. One of the things that will take the most energy from you during this time is planning the move. There are just so many parts and components that you need to think of that you might feel like going crazy from time to time. This is why experts always advise you to hire long distance movers NYC to help you with the whole process. They can help with all those boring logistics and complex packing. Still, preparing well for your move is the key! That is why in this article, we take a better look at how you can prepare for a long-distance move.

Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move”