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Tips for NYC newcomers

Hiring NYC professional packers: Packing/unpacking services

When you are moving to New York or moving from New York, in both cases you need to hire NYC professional Packers. They will make your moving so much easier. With packing and unpacking services you will have stress-free moving. NYC professional packers provide many services, from packing your household to unpacking and setting up…
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First day after your move: NYC edition

The hardest part is over! You’ve reached New York in one piece with all of your belongings. Now, comes the enjoying part. There are plenty of things to do and see in the Big Apple. Start from the tourist attractions and continue on to the more mundane things, like discovering different coffee in New York.…
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Coffee in NYC: After moving guide

Thousands of people operate by the rule: The morning cup of coffee makes my day. And, we understand. If you’ve got a habit of grabbing a quick sip of your espresso to wake you up, or enjoy chatting with your friends over a nice Frappuccino in a café, relocation can make your routine tough. So,…
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Difficult items to move: Perks of NYC professionals

With every move, you will realize that there are certain items which are more difficult to move than others. While they aren’t impossible to relocate, they have the highest chance of damage during transport. So, there are some movers that won’t move them at all. And then, there are others that will ask for an…
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