New movers in NY – How to check their reliability?

Not every negative experience has to necessarily be a scam. It could simply be unpleasant in any way – poor communication, tardiness, quality of service, etc. The prejudice is that this usually happens with new movers in NY. However, in some cases, it’s not unpleasantry but actual deception, regardless of whether you are moving to New York, or within it. You may be deceived by the price, for instance. You’d agree upon one price and during the moving day, the price would change, leaving you cornered and in despair. There are also scenarios where the movers would keep your belongings hostage until they received a better price from you.  Continue reading “New movers in NY – How to check their reliability?”

Reasons to move from Hudson County to NYC

Wherever I was in the world NYC was always like a final frontier. A destination I wanted to end up in. It is difficult to compare it to any other place in the world. Even though I was not born a New Yorker, the time I spent there was one of the most amazing times in my life. I lived in Hudson, and at the time I decided to move from Hudson County to NYC. Continue reading “Reasons to move from Hudson County to NYC”

Different kinds of fraudulent movers in NY

Moving within NY has become almost a regular thing. Rarely will you see a New Yorker stay in one place for too long. Thanks to this the moving industry is blooming. You can see a large number of moving companies emerging, offering nice bundles and trying to stay competitive. On the downside, you can also see a whole lot of frauds appearing, trying to take away your hard earned money as well as your limited time. Now, since the process of moving is a complex one, it gives these frauds numerous ways to sabotage it and make your moving day a living nightmare. There are different kinds of fraudulent movers in NY and we are going to try to point out the most malicious ones. Continue reading “Different kinds of fraudulent movers in NY”

NYC Unpacking services

A very common misconception is that once you reach your new home – you’re done. Oh boy, I learned the hard way just how wrong I was. Granted, the process of moving can be difficult and lengthy. And the moment when you’re done with your amazing movers, trucks, traffic, complication and everything else that comes with it – you’ll be very relieved. But the torment doesn’t end here. You’re still left with unpacking and settling in. The secret is, you shouldn’t be a hero – you should hire NYC unpacking services, as well as packing services. Continue reading “NYC Unpacking services”

Tips for Moving Alone to Long Island

First of all, moving alone to Long Island is not that different when moving alone to say… Michigan. Of course, there are elements specific to Long Island that need to be kept in focus, and we’ll talk about those. But those are usually perks.

Now I don’t wish to sound pretentious, but my experience moving alone was brilliant. Granted, I was younger and was having a different outlook on life. Today, I wouldn’t trade my family for the world. But the fact remains, moving with a family, or with pets takes much more effort than moving alone. And it’s logical, there are far fewer elements to consider when you are alone. And it kinda turns into an adventure when you move alone. Continue reading “Tips for Moving Alone to Long Island”

Moving to the Big Apple from Abroad – Tips and Tricks

Those that were once bitten by the travel bug will constantly strive towards feeding this addiction. Whenever an opportunity for international, overseas, relocation shows – you will grab it! The next frontier – moving to the Big Apple from abroad! Be it because of a job opportunity, or simply a lifelong dream – it’s a big bite to take. There are numerous things to consider if you are going to do this right. The Big Apple is entirely different from anything you’ve ever seen. This is why this city requires some very extensive preparation. Continue reading “Moving to the Big Apple from Abroad – Tips and Tricks”