Brilliant Ways To Reuse Your Empty Cardboard Boxes

Organizing the logistics behind relocation can get quite stressful. Especially if it’s your first time moving, all the details and aspects of the process may be a little overwhelming. However, you will learn a lot throughout the way, one of the things being how to avoid rogue Brooklyn movers. On top of it all, the one thing that will keep you going is the thought of finally enjoying your new home. There will come a day when you will say goodbye to your movers, turn around and start your new life in the new house. Now, we don’t want to shatter your dreams, but this won’t be the end of moving for you. You will still need to unpack! After you do so, you need to find a way to reuse your empty cardboard boxes.

reuse your cardboard boxes to make a toy for your cats
We’re sure that feline members of your family will find some use of an empty box right away. Will you?

Packing your life in moving boxes

Packing your entire life in a bunch of boxes and bags and moving away is a challenge. To some, it doesn’t come very easily, both physically and mentally. Of course, there are many differences between a long-distance move and, for example, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Depending on your locations and desired destinations, your approach to packing and moving will differ in many ways. One thing remains the same: moving boxes will be your go-to when it comes to packing and transporting your belongings. It’s up to you whether you will choose regular cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, or recycled boxes. Most people opt for the classic cardboard moving boxes. Based on their quality, some may get damaged during the move, but not all. After the relocation, you will end up with a pile of boxes in your home, and if you don’t want to throw them away, read on!

Why should you reuse your empty cardboard boxes?

In today’s society, it is important that we take care of the planet we live on. After all, it is the only one we have right now and we shouldn’t allow it to fall apart. The good news is that more and more people become “greener” each day, and that’s something we should all strive for. One of the ways of being green and taking care of our environment is being more conscious of our waste. Because we are talking about cardboard in this article, these are a few facts about it:

  • Cardboard boxes make up the whopping 9% of the entire garbage in the world!
  • 1 ton of these boxes equals 17 trees that had to be chopped down.
  • In the United States, over 90% of packages that are shipped come in cardboard boxes.

    person holding a protest sign on a piece of cardboard
    By reusing and recycling your cardboard boxes, you help save our planet little by little.

Reuse your empty cardboard boxes after the move – the easy way

As we already mentioned, unpacking your belongings after the relocation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Much like for packing, there are multiple techniques and approaches to this stage of relocation. Whether you ask for additional help or prefer to do it on your own, it’s up to you. Inevitably, after a while, there will be a bunch of empty boxes that will sit in your new home. Sure, recycling them is one way to go, and it’s definitely a better solution than simply throwing them in the garbage. However, we’ve got a better idea! If you’ve got the time and enjoy quick & easy DIY projects, then you should definitely reuse your empty cardboard boxes. We’ll list a few options, and if you’ve got plenty of boxes, you may just be able to do them all!

Put those empty boxes to use and surprise your kids

Cardboard is a relatively easy material to work with, and that’s what makes it ideal for DIY projects you could do with your children. Even though many of these things can easily be bought in a toy store, building them from scratch might be an interesting activity for the youngest members of your family.

  • Build a playhouse. The bigger cardboard boxes take up the most space, but what if you turned them into a playhouse? All it takes is a few cut-out windows and doors, and let the kids do the rest. They could draw on it and decorate it as they wish. If you’re excited about decorating your new home, they can play with one as well!
  • Cut it out into toys for the younger kids. If you’ve got little ones, who are still developing their fine motor skills, this might be a cool idea. Punch some holes of different sizes at the top and let them try to put different toys inside.
  • Turn it into a scratcher for your furry friends. Cut out long strips of cardboard and roll it up into a circle, using hot glue to keep the strips together. Your cats will love scratching on cardboard, your kids can paint it the way they like and your furniture will stay undamaged.

    plastic knives covered in paint on a piece of cardboard
    Let your children’s imagination run wild – they can make a bunch of things with one box and a little bit of paint!

Reuse your empty cardboard boxes to create more storage space

Moving to New York means one thing – less storage space in your new apartment. Known for its small living spaces, many people often struggle to find additional storage space for their belongings. In case you’ve got a lot of things, then you might want to look into storage facilities in NYC. If not, then you can reuse your empty cardboard boxes to create a little bit more space in your home, and here’s how:

  • Decorate the dull cardboard and use them as regular storage boxes in your pantry. Sturdy boxes make for a perfect storage place for many things!
  • Make a simple shoe rack out of cardboard boxes. Cut and fold them into triangles, and you can use colorful tape to hold them together. Attach as many triangles as you need and you’ve got yourself a cheap shoe rack!
  • Thicker boxes can become great shelves. You can even arrange them into various shapes and sizes, just make sure not to put very heavy objects on top!