When is the best time for couples to move in together?

The world is constantly changing and with it, people tend to change as well. What was incomprehensible just a couple of decades ago is now completely normal and socially accepted behavior. After all, if we were to hold to the past, we would hardly be unable to move forward into the future. And so, people today have less constraint when it comes to living together. Today, we take a closer look at the ideal conditions for couples to move in together. Different as we all are, there are some common factors to take into account.

Is there such a thing as the best time for couples to move in together?

This is somewhat of a tough question to answer, given the fact that each couple is different and functions differently. However, we will try our best to provide you with some sure signs that you are ready to move in with your significant other. It actually comes down to getting some things straight before you make the final step and move in together.

Couple holding hands and looking out of their NYC apartment.
You will usually know the right time, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

8 things to consider before couples move in together

Otherwise, this exciting new phase of your life and relationship can end in disaster. So, before you contact local movers NYC, consider these eight essential steps. Look at this as your personal checklist for securing a good start of your life with your significant other.

Step 1 – discuss the reasons for moving in together.

This is a very important step, which is why we note it first. The reason for this is simple – there are a lot of couples that move in together because “it makes sense in terms of finances”. This is not really the best of reasons for couples to move in together. Just because something makes sense does not make it right.

So, before you make any final calls, consider these questions:

  1. Are you doing this only because it makes sense?
  2. Was there an ultimatum from either one of you that influenced this decision?
  3. Is this really something that you both want and are ready for?

Step 2 – mutual expectations need to be met for couples to move in together

More often than not, couple enter this type of commitment without considering what their partner expects from this arrangement. Either that or you find yourself naturally assuming how your living arrangement and habits will work from now on. The truth is that either one of these mindsets is bad.

So, before you do anything, have a sit-down and talk things over. Make sure that you are both on the same page in terms of how this is all going to go down. A good idea might be for both of you to make a list of expectations and goals for your life as a couple that lives together. That way, you can go one step at a time and discuss and determine the optimal solution.

Step 3 – although not the right motivator, finances are still an important topic

As inconvenient a topic as this might be, it’s still important for both parties to know about the other’s financial history and any potentially problematic situations. This means that before couples move in together, they should discuss each others:

  • Credit scores
  • Outstanding debts
  • Incomes
  • Expenses
  • Investments in terms of rent and bills.
Couple holding a board with a drawing of a house.
For couples to move in together, everything should be said and presented, finances included.

No matter how boring these topics and facts might seem, they plan an important role in the best time for couples to move in together. Plus, once you determine how much money you have at your disposal, it will be all the much easier to match it with exploring moving costs NYC.

Step 4 – find the right location for you to move in as a couple

Remember that New York is a big city, with plenty of choices in terms of what you expect from a home. Talk things over with your significant other and consider which neighborhoods you both prefer. After all, why hire Manhattan movers when you can find cheap Brooklyn movers to handle your relocation?

Step 5 – determine the split or share of household expenses

Remember that there are two of you in this. So, there is no reason for all the responsibilities to fall on a single person. So, consider a spreadsheet that will clearly determine who is in charge of what. One of you could take care of utilities and take care of the pet while the other could take on the task of groceries. It might be a good idea to create a mutual budget based on your average monthly expenses.

Every grocery receipt should be settled for couples to move in together.
All expenses should be shared equally.

Step 6 – be ready for both good and bad

There is no person that can’t find at least one or two reasons for not wanting to move in with their partner. If they claim otherwise, that just means they don’t know the other person enough. On the positive side, as long as you are willing to accept all the pros and cons, you are already on a good path. It’s not so much about finding the perfect conditions or time for couples to move in together as much as finding the courage to actually go through with it.

Step 7 – always have a plan B

In truth, this is not something that many couples consider before they decide to move in together. We are taught to believe in happy endings and that there is no such scenario where living with our partner won’t work out. However, the smart and realistic thing here is to discuss and think of a breakup plan. There’s no reason here to be petty – simply two adults talking about what happens in case things go wrong.

Step 8 – household responsibilities should be divided equally

Chores are one of the most common reasons arguments start between couples after they move in together. Perhaps you don’t have a habit of taking cleaning up after you or you hate vacuuming. No problem, that is why there are two of you now. So, have a clear schedule of chores, who does what and secure a no-stress living arrangement.

For couples to move in together, chores should be settles through a checklist like this one.
When couples start living together, they should consider a checklist for household chores.

Conclusion about the best time for couples to move in together

When you consider everything that we said here – it’s all about finding a compromise. Think of this as yet another proof that your relationship as at a level where you want it to be.

At the end of the day, all relationships require compromise. Moving in with your partner needs to be approached in the same manner. Consider all of the above as guidelines to help you make smart decisions about your move and about how it will impact your finances, rather than hard and fast rules that leave no room for change. Once you’ve officially decided to make the move, enjoy your decision and the process, knowing you’ve covered all your bases with a well thought out plan.