Best piano movers in Brooklyn

Having a talent for music is considered one of the greatest gifts. Being able to play an instrument is even a better addition to your talent. Although it takes a lot of time to practice and master it, there’s no doubt a person can truly enjoy the soothing melodies of beautiful compositions. However, as always there are two sides of the same coin. The first one you just had a chance to read about. But the other one is about moving the instruments. Now, that wouldn’t be such a big deal if we’re talking about those easily transportable instruments such as a guitar, violin, flute, etc. Even a double bass or big tubes are manageable. But what happens if you need to relocate your piano and you live somewhere in Brooklyn? Well, you call upon the best piano movers in Brooklyn, that’s what.

Most things are manageable if you find people who can provide you with the proper service. If you achieve this, you’re a halfway of getting your piano to your new place.

Why should you hire the service of piano movers in Brooklyn?

If you’re not fully aware, pianos are among the group of the largest, heaviest and bulkiest instruments there are. Try moving it while it’s standing on the ground, and we guarantee you won’t be that lucky. The list of reasons why you should opt for piano movers in Brooklyn is long. We’ll single out just some of the most important ones:

  • Safety issues
  • Packing issues
  • Transportation issues

The matter of safety is paramount

Everything you’ve learned so far regarding moving and transporting various types of things, just forget when transportation of piano is in question. This is not DIY packing of a suitcase. It takes a careful and a special approach. Unless you’re a professional, we kindly suggest you hire some of NYC piano movers and be trouble free. If you still doubt whether this is a good idea or not, image the following scenario.

You need your piano moved. To move it easier, you call several strong friends/relatives to help you out. Together with them, you start moving your piano, and then…Crack! Something’s got damaged. In the middle of the fuss, the concentration has decreased, and some of you dropped the piano out of hand.

We believe it’s not necessary to go on with the story. You got the idea of what might happen if you decide to do it on your own.

Saving the money

A golden piggy bank
Putting money on a good service of piano movers in Brooklyn is investing, not spending.

If you’re worried you would spend a lot of money on relocating your piano, just go back to the ‘cracking’ part of the story above. That could be any part of the piano or furniture along the way. It could be the wall you got damaged when the piano accidentally slipped through someone’s hands. Either case, that can mean only one thing. You got it- repairing. That further means spending money on an unplanned expanse. And your worst fears have come true. Now you’re really going to spend a lot of money, whereas you could have saved it by trusting the professionals do it for you.

How to pack the piano?

What makes a team of professionals different from you and other people who don’t usually do this for a living is precisely being professionals. So far, they’ve probably done it dozens of times. This means that they know how to handle packing, moving and transporting the piano. When it comes to packing, there’s a difference between a grand and a studio upright piano. Grand pianos are extremely heavy and can weigh up to 1000 pounds, while other pianos weigh around 400-500 pounds. That’s a lot for a single person to handle. That is why piano movers in Brooklyn will send their best group of men qualified for the job.

Using wrapping materials

It’s all about securing the piano, its edges, as well as the edges of the doors the piano will go through, walls, etc. That’s why it is very important that enough wrapping material is being used. To ensure that, your piano needs to be measured to determine the exact dimensions of it. Remember to lock both the lid and the keyboard lid. This will prevent damages and it will be a lot easier for the men to transport the piano. Also, if you pack the piano properly, you will avoid losing many parts of a piano which are essential. Paper padding or moving blankets are usually used during the procedure, as well as a moving dolly to protect the floors.

Unpacking the piano

Once you’ve relocated, you can also think about hiring unpacking services. Unpacking the piano is almost as complicated as disassembling, wrapping and transporting it. You’ll need someone skillful to put it back. Moreover, if you needed to move fully, then unpacking services together with services of piano movers in Brooklyn are necessary.

Transporting the piano

A truck on a road
It’s essential to have an appropriate vehicle when transporting fragile items.

Everything mentioned above was a part of the preparation for transporting your piano. Although it seems as the easiest part, it can be very tricky, especially if you’re moving long distance. If the roads are bumpy, without a specialized vehicle the chances of your luggage to get damaged are high. However, a professional company specialized in transporting pianos will provide you with such vehicles in which the safety of relocating pianos and other types of packages is on a high level.

The use of storage

If it happens that you don’t have enough free space to place all of your belongings at once in your new home, then renting storage facilities is a good solution for you. This way, you can avoid the clutter and you’ll organize your new home faster and easier. So, store away things you think you won’t need for some time and enjoy arranging the rooms.

As we promised, these were just some of the most important reasons why piano movers in Brooklyn are worth hiring. Not only they will save you time and make you stress-free, but they will also contribute to high efficiency and professionalism.