Best locations with scenic views in NYC

New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the World. When it comes to planning a sightseeing tour or a short visit to the Big Apple, there are many great locations with scenic views in NYC to choose from. It might be that you will need more than a day visit to get to know the city and its most famous landmarks.

the view from empire state building
Get to know the city by visiting some of its landmarks

NYC – The city of great landmarks

There is just no other place like the NYC. Its unique vibe and diverse culture attract people from all around the World. Not only that the city is loved by the tourists, but it is also a popular moving destination. Moving to the Big Apple is a life-changing decision for any young professional or a family. The city offers many job opportunities and entertainment options. Whatever your taste in music or art may be, you will easily be able to find your spot and crowd in the NYC.

The lifestyle of a New Yorker is appealing by itself. Especially if you are moving from a smaller town and are searching for a change of pace. Whatever you might be looking for, the greatest city in the World will most likely be able to deliver. As one of the most multicultural metropolitan area in the World, the city will make you feel welcome and help you blend in easily. However, even if you have already decided to move to the NYC, getting to know the city in advance will help you adapt to the change. Therefore, prior to your relocation plan a visit to the locations with scenic views in NYC and get to know the surroundings. This way you will easily get to know the city in a fun way and will easily get around after the move.

The NYC locations you need to visit

Tom Wolfe once said that One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. Ask any New Yorker and they will most likely agree.

Falling in love with the New York City as soon as you step your foot in this amazing concrete jungle is almost inevitable. And is there a better way to start loving the NYC than looking at its breathtaking skyline?

In order to get to know the city here are the locations you need to visit in NYC:

  • Empire State Building.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – one of the most popular and best locations with scenic views in NYC.
  • The High Line.
  • Governors Island.
  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Roof Garden.
  • Staten Island Ferry.
  • Hotel Americano Rooftop.
  • The Bar SixtyFive.
  • Belvedere Castle.

Our picks from the best locations with scenic views in NYC

There are many great places to enjoy the view in the NYC. However, it might be that you will like some more than the other.

Here are our top choices among the Best locations with scenic views in NYC:

Empire State Building

the view from one of the best locations with scenic views in NYC
Visiting the Empire State Building will let you see the amazing NYC skyline

Since the 1930s the Empire State Building has been one of the most famous landmarks and observation desks of NYC. And for a good reason. Standing at the top of the 86 or 102-story observation deck will allow you to see the amazing skyline of the city. It will also feel like you are at the top of the World.

The Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge
For an amazing view of the NYC visit the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset

While in NYC you can’t miss visiting one of the most famous city landmarks, the Brooklyn bridge.

The bridge itself is a location you need to see. Visit it at sunset at sunrise and you will have an opportunity for an amazing and unique view of NYC.

The High Line

The line is a perfect place to visit and walk to clear your mind while enjoying the amazing scenic view of the NYC. Looking at the city from abandoned elevated train tracks will allow you to experience the city vibe in a whole new light.

Governors Island

Need to get away from the busy NYC and enjoy the view while being in nature? The Governors Island, one of the best locations with scenic views in NYC, will be the perfect place. Therefore, pack your picnic basket. Find a perfect place on the island hillside to enjoy the view of lower Manhattan.

Governors Island is a perfect place to visit after you officially become a New Yorker. Whether you are moving to NYC alone or with your family, you will from time to time need a day off from the city’s traffic and crowds. Visiting a summer festival on the island will be a great way to clear your mind and enjoy the view.

The MET Roof Garden

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, besides being one of the top museums in New York City, offers a great view of the city from its rooftop garden. Finish the museum visit by enjoying the view of the Central Park with your favorite cocktail.

Loved the best locations with scenic views in NYC?

Has just a visit to some of the best locations with scenic views in NYC has made you fall in love with NYC? If you decide on moving to New York after a short visit, we don’t blame you. The city’s vibe and culture can be inspiring and the opportunities in NYC can make you pack your bags and start an apartment hunt.

Planning to move to NYC?

Moving to NYC will be a major life decision. Besides searching for a new job, a cozy and affordable apartment you will need to plan the relocation process as well. The best way to ensure you NYC move goes safely and quickly is to hire reliable movers Manhattan. With the professionals on your side, you can focus on planning your new life as a New Yorker. Also, you won’t have to worry about any step of your relocation. Therefore, make sure your mover can meet your relocation needs. Check whether they can provide you with any additional service you might need, like storage and packing.

After hiring the right mover, the only thing that is left to do is to relax and visit some of the best locations with scenic views in NYC. Grab a cup of coffee to go, and you will start feeling like a local.