Benefits of Living in NJ While Working in NYC

While living in NYC is great, there are way too many people there and housing is expensive. But what if your job is in NYC? In that case, you can choose to live in New Jersey and get the best of both worlds. New York will be just a ride away, but you’ll live in a place that might be a bit more homely than NYC. Commuting to work isn’t the greatest experience in the world, but most people can’t escape it. So, if you’re living in NJ while working in NYC, you have things to look forward to despite the commute. If you’re interested in moving to NYC, you could look into Brooklyn moving quote, but there are benefits to living in NJ. Here they are.

Housing is cheaper when living in NJ while working in NYC

Everyone knows that New York is one of the most expensive places you could live in. So, if you need to be in New York for work, it doesn’t mean you have to live there as well. Living in NJ while working in NYC is a great way to save some of your hard-earned money. In 2016 the cost per square foot in NYC was around $1,759, while in NJ you would pay $170. There’s no denying that living in New Jersey is better for your wallet. It seems unbelievable that the prices can be so different, but unfortunately it’s true. You could get a much bigger house or apartment for much less money. If you’re currently living in NYC and thinking of moving to NJ to save some coins, you can hire Big Apple Movers NYC and hit the road. You have nothing to lose!

Taking the train to work

Black and white photo of people on the subway
If you live in Jersey and work in New York, you can take a train to work.

As mentioned before, commuting to work is inevitable if you live in NJ and work in NYC. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can take a train into Penn Station or a ferry across the Hudson River. Either way, your commute will probably last from half an hour to an hour. If that sounds long to you, remember that it could take you the same amount of time to get to work if you lived in New York. NYC is pretty chaotic, there are lots of people and traffic can be really bad. If you don’t want to waste your time, you can get some work done on your commute to feel more productive. Keep in mind that commuting to work is a necessary evil whenever you find yourself in a big city. So, you need to accept that and embrace it.

Having a car is one of the benefits of living in NJ and working in NYC

As you might already know, a lot of people in New York prefer to take public transport instead of driving their own car. In fact, many New Yorkers don’t even own a car. There’s a good reason for that. Having a car in New York is very expensive. Monthly parking in a garage can be from $250 to $500. When you add another $80 for insurance and gas, you might go bankrupt. Other than it being ridiculously expensive, having a car is simply not worth it. There’s barely any street parking and the traffic gets really bad. If you’re planning on moving from New York because of this, relocate to Jersey to remain close to the city.

Man driving a car. Having a car is one of the benefits of living in NJ while working in NYC
If you want to live in NJ while you work in New York, you can look forward to having a car. Owning a car in NYC isn’t as common.

Because New Jersey is more like the suburbs, you can expect to park your car in your driveway and you don’t have to pay for it. You can drive around when you’re running errands and picking your kids up from school. So, if you like to drive instead of taking the subway, you should consider living in New Jersey while working in New York.

New Jersey has great schools

Everyone who has kids wants the best for them. Education is a very important part of children’s lives, so you want them to get the best education possible. Public schools in New Jersey are really good and your kids will thrive there. New York does have amazing schools, but its public school system isn’t better than Jersey’s. As you can tell, if you choose to live in New Jersey while working in NYC, you’re not only doing yourself a favor. Your kids will also benefit from this kind of lifestyle.

The beautiful scenery of New Jersey

Beach at sunset. Beautiful scenery like this is another good thing about living in NJ and working in NYC.
If you’re living in NJ while working in NYC, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that Jersey offers.

Yes, yes, New York does have a lot of touristic attractions that give it a lot of character. You can visit the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park on your trips to NYC. However, when you just want to stay at home in NJ but still have fun, there are things you can do. Don’t forget about these things:

  • 127 miles of coastline
  • many state parks
  • hiking trails.

You can spend your days off in nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery of NJ. You’ll also have a gorgeous view of New York from across the Hudson River if you start missing the Big Apple. You can work in NYC while living in NJ and enjoy both of these locations. Before moving to New York, consider all of these things. Maybe you’d actually prefer staying in Jersey.

Benefits of Living in NJ While Working in NYC

Surely you can tell that there are many good sides to living in NJ while working in NYC. You don’t have to spend as much money on your rent, you get to experience the suburban lifestyle, while still being close to New York’s hustle and bustle. If you ever get bored in New Jersey, which is unlikely, you are only a train or ferry ride away from the city that never sleeps. You really do get the best of both worlds with this lifestyle, so enjoy it.