Moving Boxes NYC for New York migration

The excitement reaches the limits you could never imagine that would be reachable. You are moving to your new NYC home! You cannot hide the smile being happy for all the innovations your life will be full of once you moved. Only, we suggest you still stay focused and concentrated. At least until the whole migration process is finished. There is a serious job to be done. The preparations for the New York relocation must start the very moment you decide to move to another home. Get ready for changing your address, redirecting your mail, changing your car registration (in case you are going to become a NY newcomer) etc. But the first, and the most important prepare for packing and moving. And what you need the most when talking about the packing process are the moving boxes NYC relocation requires.

In case you considered things, and decided to hire movers NYC, it will be much easier for you. Given that we have all you need for safe New York migration. We offer all sorts of moving boxes New York relocation might need. The experience of many decades helps us to wisely decide about the size, strength, number, and shape of the moving boxes NYC for your particular New York. Besides the different kinds of moving boxes in NYC, we shall discuss the other preparations for the packing process you should undertake.

Moving boxes NYC are crucial for safety of your items
It is very important to acquire appropriate moving boxes NYC

How to prepare for packing the NY moving boxes

There is no success without good preparation!
Good preparation leads to success!

Packing is probably one of the most demanding and the most annoying parts of relocation. Preparing for NYC move takes time and effort. In order to do everything right, we suggest you make a checklist of everything you indent to pack or to have packed. Keep notes for every part of NYC migration you have multiple tasks to do and multiple items to deal with. Trying to remember everything is not an option. There is no way you could remember everything! In lines to come, we will go through some information you need to be aware of in order to prepare for the packing your moving boxes NYC:

  • Organize your belongings- Set everything ready for the packing process
  • Moving boxes New York- The characteristics of NYC moving boxes for packing your valuables.
  • What kind of help to expect from NYC movers- How New York moving professionals help you with packing the moving boxes for NY move.

Items organization makes the job easier

Decluttering your home leads to order instead of chaos, and also to fewer moving boxes New York required, which leads to less expensive NY relocation!
Decluttering—>order instead of chaos—>fewer boxes for New York move—>Less expensive NY relocation

You can pack in three ways. You can do all the job by yourself. The NY moving professionals can help you with the packing. Or NYC moving company’s packing experts can do everything. No matter what you choose, there are some things you must do in order to prevent forgetting to put something in your New York moving boxes. Also, you don’t want your relocation boxes NYC to contain something you don’t want to move to your new home in New York. In order to do that, we suggest the following steps:

  • Before everything, decluttering is a must- To prevent cluttering your new home.
  • Get your items ready, one room at the time- Preparing your items for New York relocation boxes helps you with the unpacking process.
  • Sort items by size- This makes you and the movers able to decide how many moving boxes NYC of each size you need for your NY migration.

How to declutter home before packing your moving boxes NY

The most important thing with the decluttering is to be honest with yourself. All of us have those items we bought with the intention to use them, but we never or rarely ever do. Keeping them in your home just makes your home overladen. And this is what nobody wants. Still, somehow, we are very problematic when getting rid of items comes on the table. But, what if you don’t have enough space in your, potentially smaller, new home? Would you waste money putting your items in a New York self storage and leave them there forever? We suggest not to do that.

Our suggestion is to decide what is not worth putting in moving boxes for NYC move. When you start packing those boxes for NY relocation, you will understand why it is an important thing to do. After you make this important decision, everything else is much easier. Separate those items from those you want to have in your new residence. After you do this, you could earn some money! Given that there are several options what you could do with those items you don’t need anymore:

  • Make a garage or online sale. What you don’t need, somebody could. And you could earn money! Before you do this, we suggest you get the information about the pricing, so you wouldn’t over or underestimate your belongings.
  • Present those items to your friends and family. Some of them could be unable to afford some of the items you don’t use, and they might need them. So presenting those things or selling them at some minimum price would be very helpful to them.
  • Donate to charity- It will make you feel good, and it will save you money by having fewer moving boxes NYC to pack.

Sorting items for packing in one room at the time

This is something that proved to be the best tactic when it comes preparing your belongings for moving boxes NYC. This way, you can easily decide what you need and what you don’t intend to use in the future. So you are easier to get rid of the clutter. Besides that, preparing items for packing makes you able to mark those NY relocation boxes and then easy unpack them in the appropriate room in your new home. It improves the speed of your relocation, being that you will lose a lot less time to unpack. Also, workers from your moving company will know what moving boxes NYC to be more careful with. Given that there is more important to be careful with the dishes than with the clothes for example.

The number and the size of NY moving crates depends on the volume of your relocation
The volume of your relocation determines the number and the size of NY moving crates

Size of your items is essential for choosing the size of relocation boxes NY

To pack your items, you must get the best moving boxes New York of an appropriate size. Because you don’t want your items to be packed into too big NYC boxes for moving. The extra space could cause their damage. And that is what you want to avoid. So classifying your items room by room is quite ok. But after you’re done with deciding what you need, and what you don’t, you should do another classification. And that is sorting your items by size, and, if possible, by the material.

Having the items of the similar or same material and size packed in the same crates makes you able to prevent the most usual damages. And it makes the job for you and for your movers a lot easier. Plus, it allows you to know the exact, or near an exact number of boxes for NY move of each size you need.

The boxes for NY move

When deciding about the boxes for New York moving day, you must know what you actually need. This in case you are doing the packing part, of course. You have several options. You can purchase moving bins and crates at the store. Rent our moving boxes. Or get previously used, but still usable crates, bins, and boxes for NYC relocation. It doesn’t only depend on your desires. You could be limited with your NY migration budget. Whatever you decide, the quality and the quantity of moving boxes NYC you need is not changing. What changes, is only the price you pay. Here are some important characteristics of boxes for New York relocation:

  • The size and the quantity- What sizes of moving boxes NYC are there, and how many of them do you need?
  • The strength- Different items require the different strength of the boxes.
  • The quality- You want the boxes for an NYC move to be reliable and useful.

The volume of your relocation influences the number and the size of the NY moving boxes

You can opt between many sizes
There are different kinds of sizes

There are different sizes of boxes for New York migration. And there is no some specific requirement what size is ideal to be used for packing. But there are some specific sizes of moving crates commonly used for the purpose of NYC relocation:

  • Normal Moving Boxes (18”x14”x12”)- There are various purposes of using the boxes of this size. you can pack your kitchen items, your books, or anything else fitting to them.
  • Large Moving Boxes (20”x20”x15”)- Perfect solution for combining heavy items with lighter belongings. Given that even NYC moving boxes are not made of steel, so they must be carefully used.
  • Extra Large Moving Boxes (23”x23”x16”)- You could assume that big boxes for NY move are used for heavy items. But, again, these moving supplies are not made of steel or iron. So, having that in mind, you will pack here lighter and extra light items. Don’t forget you and your movers need to carry the moving boxes NYC and load them into the truck.

How strong boxes for NY migration do you need?

Given that there are too many different kinds of relocations, we must say: it depends. It depends on the sort of your items, their size, and the material. What we must say here, being that you might decide to do the packing by yourself, is that you must be very careful. The strength of the boxes for moving doesn’t depend on the size. So the bigger relocation box doesn’t mean the stronger one. So, in case you don’t rent the moving boxes from us, and you don’t hire us for this part of the relocation, we suggest you still contact us. Ask our experts for packing how many boxes to obtain, of which size and how strong they need to be. This way you will make sure you get the moving boxes NY of appropriate characteristics, so your belongings would be safely packed. 

The quality of relocation boxes

If you decide to purchase the moving boxes by yourself or to get previously used moving boxes in New York, be very cautious. Especially with using second-hand boxes for relocation. It is true that some boxes can be used multiple times. Particularly plastic bins for NY move. Or plastic NYC moving crates. But talking about the cardboard containers for moving, we must say a few words what to be careful about. Take care if they got wet. Being that they are useless if that happens. Because they wouldn’t be strong enough to carry your items. Besides that, take care of glued boxes. The glue loses strength over time, so it is very dangerous to use this kind of crates for your NYC move. Plus, if some moving bins are overused, which can be seen by their condition, avoid using them.

The assistance we offer for packing your moving crates NYC

In case you plan on hiring us to do the packing part, or you plan on renting our New York moving boxes, bins, and crates, you need to have no worries. We own moving boxes of different materials, different strength, and different size. So you can rest assured your belongings are safely packed if packed in our moving crates New York. So we offer to you, aside from other moving services NYC, the service of packing your items safely and properly labeled in our quality relocation bins, of the proper size.

Besides this, when it comes to the New York moving crates, we offer to rent them to you, if you want to pack yourself. As we mentioned many times before, no matter what your desire about the relocation in NYC is, we are here to satisfy your needs! Read our previous clients reviews and you’ll see why we are the right people for your New York move. Get a free NYC moving quote and decide about your Relocation now!

Moving cost NYC- Estimated price for NY move

Relocation to New York means step forward in your life (or several of them). It is an important, life-changing decision. But, to be completely honest, it is also an expensive venture. The cost of life in NYC is among the highest in the world. Nevertheless, first things first. Before you start your new life, you need to get to that place. So to be fully aware of the expenses, you must calculate the moving cost NYC relocation will take. And to be able to do that, we decided to inform you about the most important components of NYC relocation price. Knowing what you might need to pay for will ease up your overall calculation of moving cost NYC.

Nobody wants to stay broke after the relocation
Pay attention: what services you get for the price you pay

To make you fully prepared for creating the New York moving budget, we shall also provide you with the know-how for avoiding the NY moving scams. Being that those scams would cost you a lot more than the regular relocation. So we will add here the most important tips for avoiding fraudulent NYC movers. Making you able to hire reliable and reputable moving companies in NYC. And pay the affordable price for New York City move. 

How much do movers in New York City cost?

The relocation is much easier conducted with the help of professional movers. But what an average person moving to NYC asks first is: What is the cost of moving in NYC? The fact is that the cost of NYC movers is not too cheap. On the contrary, it is commonly at least a little more expensive than the average for the USA. I mean, there is a difference between the cost for Manhattan movers and the price Brooklyn moving companies charge. But we are talking here about the average cost of NY moving companies. And you certainly should prepare a budget in accordance with the life standard in the Big Apple.

Nevertheless, if you want to save some money on moving cost NYC, you can do that. Do the research about the cost of moving professionals in New York. And you should be able to find the New York moving company costing the affordable amount, but providing you with high-quality moving services. In case you still consider your options, Big Apple Movers NYC cost is among the most affordable in the city offering moving services of top quality!

The guide to calculation of NYC moving cost estimate

What affects your moving cost NYC
The package of moving services you choose make your moving cost NYC

As you know, New York is an expensive city. With many opportunities for advancing in your life. Hence, many people come here being aware that the life opportunities are a lot bigger than the expenses. Talking about your relocation, it is important to mention that NYC is home to some of the best moving companies in all of the USA. On the other hand, it is also home to many fraudulent movers. What might seem to you as a good chance to save money on the relocation could appear to be the scam, costing you a lot more than you would imagine. 

Therefore, you must make a balance between the quality and saving your money. Given that moving too much towards saving your money could cost you more, as we said. Here we shall mention some instructions:

  • How to keep away from the moving fraud- The basic steps to hiring a reputable and reliable moving experts in New York.
  •  Calculation your moving cost NY company would charge- The major components of overall NYC moving cost estimate.
  • Why Big Apple Movers NYC are the right solution for you- The reasons for choosing our moving professionals to conduct your relocation.

Beware of fraudulent movers in NYC- They cost you a lot more!

Avoid fraudulent movers to avoid getting robbed
Fraudulent movers will rob you- avoid them

As the number of newcomers to New York constantly grow, so does the number of professional NYC movers. Unfortunately, it also means more scammers. It’s quite important to take this matter seriously. And we put it in the calculation of your moving cost New York on purpose. The reason is simple. If you care about the cost of NYC move, you will want to avoid moving companies scams in NY. If you don’t, you will be paying a moving price multiplied by several times. Hence, here are some signs of a fraudulent mover:

  • The lack of the license- Never even try to get an NYC moving quote from a moving company without a license.
  • Too good offers to be true- If something looks too good, it probably is. Especially an offer a lot lower than the average New York moving cost estimate.
  • Large upfront payment, or cash-only- Clear signs of a potential moving scam.
  • No clear information about the company- They answer the phone without mentioning the company’s name, they don’t have a company’s logo on their uniforms or on the moving truck.
  • Refusing to provide a binding offer- On your demand, a proper moving company comes to your home and gets a clear picture about your relocation. Providing you with the binding offer in the end. Fraudulent movers avoid this.
  • The contract lacks important information- The terms you agreed to are not in the contract. Or the contract is completely blank. Never agree to sign such a document.
  • The previous claims of a moving fraud- You can find out about this from the police, or old newspaper.

Important components of moving cost NYC

The service package you choose directly influences your NYC moving cost estimate
The components of your NYC moving cost estimate depend on service package you choose

To know the price for New York City relocation, you need to know what services you will need. And the number of services directly depends on your particular needs. Every relocation is an individual story. Each of them having something special. Nevertheless, there is some kind of rough division of moving services NYC into separate categories:

  • Preparation for your relocation- The moving cost NYC based on mover’s activity before the actual move.
  • Conducting the relocation- The services during the process of relocation.
  • Help after the relocation- Additional assistance you might need after the relocation is over.
  • Additional services- The special services you might require, not included in the basic package of services.

Now, we will explain what each of these three groups contains, so you could know how to do the calculation of moving cost NYC.

The part of estimated NY moving cost before the moving day

Talking about our company, we offer several kinds of services before the process of your NYC relocation begins. We can make a moving strategy together with you. This we do at the very beginning of your moving plans. And here we make the schedule of all the activities as you like. Of course, in accordance with our available time. Besides this, we can help with sorting your belongings and getting rid of the clutter. Plus, we can pack your items for NYC move, and help you disassemble your furniture and appliances that don’t fit through the doors and windows.

We can help you make a moving plan, for NY relocation on a budget
Let us make a relocation plan together, providing you with New York moving on a budget

In case you are short on the free time, you can hire us to do all of this. We offer options, and you choose what you want us to do. The more services you choose, the fewer things you will need to do by yourself. But you will need to pay a little more. But whatever we do, we do it at an affordable price, so you could fit into your NYC moving budget.

Transportation services costing

This is the part we do on a moving day. If you choose to hire us only for this part, then this is the first time our workers come to your home. We go around the home and check what you have. Having a lot of experience, we fastly make a plan on which box should be loaded sooner or later. We conduct the transportation. And we unload your items on the delivery address you chose. In case you partially use our services, this is where our contact ends. And your New York City moving cost is equal to the price of the services we mentioned here. 

Post-moving NYC relocation cost elements

After we delivered your items, you can still hire us for further help. The unpacking after moving to NYC can take a lot of time, which you might not have. Reassembling your furniture possibly brings complications, so we can help. These services we provide don’t cost much, and they can make you very happy. Given that you could start your normal life the morning after you relocated to NYC. Not having to do all the unpacking and reassembling right from the morning.

Additional services included in New York moving cost

Our additional services are affordable, not exceeding your planned cost of NY move
We offer additional services, not exceeding the cost of New York move you planned

Besides the basic packages of our services, we offer a lot more. We are planning the whole relocation with you, so here is what additional services you could choose from (some of them can be included in the price, while other make an additional element of your moving cost NYC):

  • Senior citizen moving- Helping the older people from your family move safely and with the smile on their face.
  • Piano moving- We have top NYC piano moving experts in our company. So if you have this musical instrument, this should be a part of your moving cost NYC.
  • Moving your fine art- We take special care of your most special and most valuable items.
  • Storage services- In case you need to store your belongings, we are flexible with the dates. We also offer all kinds of services, from the NYC self-storage, with a more than affordable price, to full-service NYC storage units.
  • Removing the junk After you leave your home, we can remove the junk saving you this boring job. This is a small addition to your New York moving cost estimate, but it truly removes a very annoying job from your must do list.
  • Everything else- Whatever you might require, we will do everything to fulfill your requirements, providing you with a very affordable moving cost for New York relocation.

Why should you hire us? The cost of NYC relocation with us fits your moving budget!

Since the moment Big Apple Movers NYC was established, we have worked hard to keep our customers satisfied. In both ways- with the quality moving services we provide, and with the cost of  NYC move. We will do our best to make your New York City moving cost fit your planned NY relocation expense. We can do that by making a package of the most important services for you from our basic package. Or we can combine the different services with some you would like to do yourself. No matter what you decide, we are here to make you happy. Conducting your NYC relocation not breaking your moving budget, and keeping the top-quality standards and doing everything as fast as possible. The moving cost NYC hiring us is nothing comparing to what you get!

Checking For Bedbugs In An Apartment Before Signing A Lease And Moving!

Moving in New York City can be really stressful – especially in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is one of the most quickly-growing boroughs in all of the city, but it’s getting harder and harder to find a great, inexpensive apartment.

However, you shouldn’t just sign a lease for a new Brooklyn apartment as soon as you find one that fits your budget. If an apartment is being offered at a low price, there could be a reason, such as a pest infestation.

Out of all pest infestations in New York City, bedbugs are definitely the worst. These little critters can spread disease, cause you to break out in sores, and can be easily transported to other apartments via your skin, hair, and clothing. They’re also extremely difficult to get rid of – you may have to get rid of most of your stuff, or fumigate your apartment.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you check each apartment you look at for pests like bedbugs before you sign a lease and move – otherwise, you could get stuck in a really bad situation. To help you recognize and avoid bedbugs when you’re apartment hunting, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide. Take a look below.

1. Ask Your Prospective Landlord If The Building Has Had Bedbug Problems Before

If you’re thinking about moving to a new apartment building, the first thing you should do is ask the landlord or building manager about past bedbug infestations.

By New York City law, they must inform you if there has been an infestation anywhere in the building within the last 12 months – not just in the apartment that you’re interested in renting. If they refuse to do so, they’re violating the law – and you should walk away from the lease. You don’t want to risk a bedbug infestation.

Now, it’s important to note that just because the building has had bedbugs in the last 12 months doesn’t necessarily make it a bad choice – but you will want to be extra careful when checking out your selected apartment, and ensure that it’s bedbug free.

2. Get The Inside Scoop From Residents

It’s a good idea to talk to current residents of a building to get an idea of the overall cleanliness and quality of the apartments. Residents will tell you things that managers and supers won’t – because they’re not trying to sell you on their apartments.

So if you’re still not sure about moving into a particular building, don’t be shy – knock on a few doors, and ask some questions about the apartments. Was there a recent bedbug infestation? How long ago was it? How did management solve the problem?

Asking these questions is a very good way to determine the overall risk of bedbugs in an apartment building.

3. Don’t Be Fooled By Fresh Paint – This Doesn’t Mean An Apartment Is Bedbug Free

Bedbug infestations are usually pretty easy to notice, but some underhanded landlords may try to simply cover up an infestation, rather than address it with fumigation or other more expensive extermination services.

If the apartment you’re looking at has a fresh coat of paint, that may be a good sign – but it could also mean that the landlord was trying to cover up an infestation.

If you suspect that a newly-painted apartment may be hiding bedbugs, you should check the joints of the walls, ceilings, and baseboards. If each of these areas has been recently sealed by caulk, there’s a high chance that the apartment is infested – and that the landlord has simply tried to seal the bedbugs in the walls, and cover up the evidence.

4. Perform An Inspection Yourself

You can ask all the questions you want – but if you really want peace of mind when you’re moving to a new apartment in Brooklyn, you’re going to have to perform a bedbug inspection yourself. You’ll need 2 tools for the job.

  • A flashlight (the LED on your phone will do nicely, in a pinch)
  • An old credit card or playing card

During this process, you’ll be looking for 4 different things:

  • Mature, living bedbugs – full-size male bedbugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed, and have oval, wingless bodies. Females are much smaller – about the size of a pinhead. Generally, you’ll find hundreds of bedbugs in one place, as they tend to congregate in one main area during the day.
  • Excrement – Bedbugs feed on blood, so their excrement usually takes the form of large, rust-colored patches and stains.
  • Bedbug skins – These are the molted exoskeletons of growing bedbugs. They will be the general size and shape of a living bedbug, but white and nearly transparent.
  • Bedbug eggs – Bedbug eggs are small, white, and usually are laid in very large clusters that should be quite easy to see.

If the apartment you’re looking at is furnished, check out the furnishings. Open drawers and wardrobes, and comb through them carefully with your flashlight. Run your credit card over the surfaces – is there any evidence of bedbugs?

Mattresses are another great place to check. Flip the mattress over or remove it from the bed entirely, and look over the entire bed frame and mattress for signs of a bedbug infestation.

If the apartment you’re looking at is unfurnished, you can still easily find bedbugs, if they’re present. Bedbugs tend to hide behind walls and collect in dark places during the day, as they don’t like the light. You should check behind:

  • Baseboards – Run your credit card underneath the gaps in the baseboard. Do you notice any signs of bedbugs?
  • Closets – Check the walls and corners of closets for signs of bedbugs.
  • Loose wallpaper – Bedbugs can climb underneath loose wallpaper and nest – check underneath any areas of loose wallpaper, if present.
  • Power outlets – You need a screwdriver (and a bit of technical knowledge) to check behind power outlets, but these are prime locations for bedbugs, so it’s worth checking here yourself or asking your prospective landlord to remove the power outlet cover so you can have a look.

If you check all these areas and don’t find bedbugs, you’re probably in the clear. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – it’s well worth taking these steps to make sure your new Brooklyn apartment is bedbug free before you sign a lease and move.

Moving In Brooklyn? Need Local Movers? Contact Big Apple Moving Now!

If you’ve followed our above guide, you’ve probably found a great, bedbug free apartment in Brooklyn! But you still have to move your stuff – and in New York City, that’s no easy task.

So don’t rent a car or a truck – hire expert local movers from Big Apple Moving. Our local moving services are second-to-none in Brooklyn. We’ve been in business since 1979, and our professional movers have the experience that you need to make move into your new place quickly.

We can handle packing for you with our full-service local moving solutions, or just provide you with all the materials you’ll need to get your own stuff packed up.

We even offer storage services, so if you need a place to stash your stuff, we can provide an all-in-one solution. So don’t wait. Hire Big Apple Moving today, and get moved into your new apartment, hassle-free.

5 Simple Tips To Help You Move To A New Climate

Moving is always stressful. You have so much to deal with – local moving companies, boxes to pack, leases and contracts to sign – the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with a new climate.

Climate variation is to be expected if you’re moving long distances – Los Angeles to New York City, for example – but you can even experience serious variations in climate during short-distance, local moves.

So we’re here to take the mystery out of moving to a new climate. These 5 tips will help you adjust to your new environment quickly, and enjoy your new home.

1. Budget For Unexpected Costs

The first thing you should do is consider your moving budget. Moving to a new climate will involve quite a few unexpected costs. It’s very likely that your power bill will be higher due to increased A/C usage in hot climates, or that your gas bill will skyrocket if you’re moving to a colder environment.

You may also need to invest in cold-weather equipment such as a warm wardrobe, and in New York City, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good pair of rainboots, a water-resistant parka, and an umbrella.

These costs aren’t huge – but if you’re not thinking about them actively during your move, they can pile up. Budgeting for these costs proactively allows for a more stress-free move.

2. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items Before You Move

Will you need your surfboard in New York City? Are you going to be able to use those skis if you’re moving to New Mexico? It’s tempting to bring all of your stuff with you when you move to a different climate – but there’s a good chance that a lot of it will be useless.

You should sell or donate items that you won’t need once you move. This can help you make some money that will aid you in moving costs and will reduce the amount of stuff you have to transport during the move.

3. Be Prepared To Switch Your Daily Routine

When you move to a new climate, you’re going to have to be ready to switch up your daily routine. If you used to live in a cooler area, for example, you may have enjoyed taking an evening run after work – but if you move somewhere with a warmer climate, it may be too hot to run at all during the afternoon, and you’ll have to start running in the morning.

Snow presents a problem to a lot of people, too. Many people who move to colder climates have trouble adjusting to snowy, icy commuting conditions, and don’t budget enough time for their commute.

Whether you’re moving to a hot area from a cold one – or vice versa – think about your daily routine, and the adjustments you’ll have to make to it once you make your move. This will help you transition seamlessly into your new environment.

4. You’ll Be Uncomfortable At First – But You’ll Adjust

Did you know that humans adjust to their climate? It’s true! If you’ve lived in Arizona all of your life, for example, your body is going to be able to deal with high temperatures more effectively. Your body sweats more efficiently, and you lose fewer salts and electrolytes through your sweat.

And if you live in a colder environment like New York City, your body will be more adapted to the cold! Your blood vessels can narrow more rapidly, preserving heat by reducing peripheral blood flow. This leads to an easier time maintaining a high core temperature, and increased sensations of warmth.

All that was kind of complicated, so we’ll put it simply – your body is, in fact, adjusted to your current climate. When you move to a new one, you might be uncomfortable for a while. But, given time, your body will adjust, and you’ll be more able to deal with the climate conditions of your new home.

5. Stay Positive And Enjoy Your New Home

Moving is a time of stress – and it can be a time of negativity. This is especially true if you’re making a dramatic change, and moving somewhere with a radically different climate.

But don’t focus on the negatives. Change isn’t a bad thing, and moving to a totally new climate is the perfect time to enjoy some new activities, and change your lifestyle! If you used to love surfing, and moved to New York City, check out some snowsports up in Vermont! If you’re a cross-country skier who moved to Los Angeles, you could get into a warmer-weather sport like roller derby!

The opportunities are endless. Moving to a new climate is the perfect time to change your life. If you stay positive and are ready for the changes that your move will bring, you’re sure to have no trouble making the transition.

Big Apple Moving – The #1 Choice For New York City Movers

Big Apple Moving has been in business since 1979, and our team of experienced professionals can help you move – whether you need local moving services, or you’re moving across the country.

You can trust our local movers to take great care of you all throughout the process. We understand how difficult moving can be, and we dedicate ourselves to providing a smooth, stress-free experience.

With features like 24/7 tracking, full-service moving options, and even storage facilities for your stuff, we can take care of all of your moving needs. So don’t settle for anything less than the best. If you’re moving in New York City, contact Big Apple Moving today.

How To Stay Sane While Moving In Manhattan – 7 Simple Tips

If you’re moving soon in Manhattan, you’re probably already freaking out. At the best of times, moving is stressful – but in the confined, crowded, and expensive environment of Manhattan, moving can be a serious ordeal.

But though moving in Manhattan does represent its own unique set of challenges, it’s not impossible. And with this list of 7 great tips, you can make sure your next move is a success – whether you’re moving on your own, or have hired local moving services. Read on, and prepare to rock your next move!

1. It’s Time To Purge! Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff Before You Move

The simplest way to make your move easier is to move less stuff. That’s just a fact. Local movers usually charge by weight and size, so if you have less stuff you won’t pay as much. And if you’re DIY moving, you may be able to get away with a small car rental or a van for your move – instead of a giant U-HAUL.

So ditch your old, worn-out stuff. That recliner you’ve had since college? Toss it out, or regift it to a neighbor. Those records that you never listen to? Sell them on an app like Letgo, or on Craigslist.

You can also put up flyers in your building to let your neighbors know that you’re getting rid of your stuff. You don’t have to get rid of stuff you use, but you should carefully consider what you do and don’t need when you’re moving.

If you can reduce what you’re moving by even 10%, you’ll have a much easier time when you’re moving in Manhattan.

2. Measure Every Door In Your New Apartment

Do you want to know what’s not fun? Moving a sectional couch up 5 flights of stairs – and realizing that there’s no way that you can fit it through the door of your new apartment.

You should measure every door in your new apartment, and in your apartment building. Measure the entrance, if there is one. Measure the elevators, and the staircase doors. Ask if there’s a freight elevator you can use before moving – and measure it! Measure the door to your apartment, and the interior doors.

With these measurements in hand, you can make a more informed moving plan, and decide what you’re keeping – and what pieces of furniture could be replaced, if they simply won’t fit.

3. Get Your Keys Before You Move In

Even if you’re hiring a moving company, you don’t have to move everything at once. In fact, you should ask for the keys to your new place a few days in advance, if you can. This will allow you to move some of your more lightweight stuff or valuables into your new apartment early, simply by taking the subway or hiring a cab.

Extending the moving process by doing this is a fantastic way to minimize stress. If you know that you’ve already moved your most important stuff, and you have less to move all at once, you’re going to have a much easier time on the big moving day.

4. Get A Car – Or A Van – For The Big Stuff

If you’re moving on your own, you’re going to need to rent a car or a van for your larger items, such as mattresses, bed frames, and furniture. Ideally, you should be able to fit all of your stuff into a large rental van.

This is because U-HAULS are considered “trucks” – and have to take truck lane routes throughout the boroughs, which can be very time-consuming, and lead to a ticket if you fail to follow the proper routes.

You can use a traditional van rental company like U-Haul, or a newer rental service like Zipcar, which allows you to rent cars by the hour. Regardless, expect to spend somewhere between $100-$150 on rentals throughout your move. You’ll pay more if you need a larger car, or if you need to rent a car for multiple days.

5. Use The Buddy System When Moving – And Avoid Tickets

Parking can be incredibly difficult in Manhattan, even during less-busy times. You’ll often have no choice but to double-park your van, car, or truck while you move your stuff. If you’re not careful, this can lead to some very angry folks – or even tickets from the police.

You should always use the buddy system while moving, and have someone in or around your rental car, truck, or van while you’re moving stuff into your new Manhattan apartment. This way, you’ll always be able to move the vehicle around when you have to, and you can avoid tickets from the police.

6. Move During Off-Hours

Moving during off-hours in Manhattan is a great idea. There will be far less car and foot traffic, and you’ll have an easier time moving your stuff into your new place. Early morning mid-week moves are typically the best. You won’t have to deal with quite so many people, and your move will be much less stressful.

In addition, local moving services will often offer you lower rates for off-peak moving hours. You’ll pay quite a bit less for a mid-week move, compared to a move that’s during a peak time such as a Saturday afternoon.

7. Hire Professionals

If you really want to stay sane while moving in Manhattan, you should hire professional movers. Whether you opt for full-service local movers, or pack up yourself, professional movers are experts at moving your stuff in Manhattan. They’ll come in, grab your stuff, move it across town, and drop it off – quickly and efficiently.

Local moving services aren’t cheap, but compared to the logistical nightmare of DIY moving in Manhattan, they’re a great bargain. So if you’re really looking to streamline the moving process, consider hiring professionals.

Big Apple Moving – Your Trusted Local Movers In Manhattan!

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So if you’re in Manhattan, don’t go crazy trying to plan your move. Let Big Apple Moving take care of your moving needs, and preserve your sanity.

6 Tips To Help You Stay Safe (And Cool!) During A Summer Move

When it comes to moving, summer is the busy season. Local moving services usually have their work cut out for them – everyone wants to move while it’s warm, and most families prefer moving in the summer to avoid school interruptions.

And though moving in the summer can be very convenient, it can also pose some serious risks to both local movers and DIY movers. The heat and often-changing weather conditions of the summer are always a threat to you and your stuff – and have to be considered during your move.

So in this article, we’ll give you some simple tips to help you stay cool, safe, and happy during your summer move in the Bronx. Follow this guide, and your next summer move is sure to go off without a hitch!

1. Keep An Eye On The Weather

In NYC, the weather can change in an instant. One day it’s hot, sunny, and clear – and the next, you can be slammed with a torrential downpour out of nowhere. This is especially true in the Bronx – so be sure that you keep an eye on your weather forecast when planning your move.

You shouldn’t just pay attention to the weather, though – pay attention to the temperature. If a cold front moves in, you might be able to move a majority of your stuff while it’s still relatively cool outside, especially if you’re willing to get up early.

2. Get Your Utilities Set Up – Before You Move

Congratulations! You moved into your new Bronx apartment in the middle of August! There’s just one problem – you didn’t call your utility company yet, so you don’t have power, and it’s 99°. Even the biggest fan in the world won’t be enough to cool you down, especially if you moved your stuff yourself.

You need to make sure that your important utilities such as water and power are already active when you move into your new place.

If your new apartment doesn’t have central air (and if you’re in the Bronx, it probably doesn’t) try to make sure your window unit is moved in quickly and installed before the majority of your stuff arrives. Doing so will allow you to cool down your hot apartment quickly, and avoid potentially life-threatening issues like heat stroke.

3. Try To Schedule In Advance With Your Moving Company

Summer is the busy season for moving companies – so you’re going to want to schedule your move well in advance, if at all possible. Ideally, you’ll want to choose an off-peak time for your move, such as a morning during a summer weekday. This will allow you to deal with much less traffic during the move, and may even reduce the cost of your moving services.

Also, be aware of moving companies who may ask for deposits. Normally, it’s uncommon for a moving company to ask for a deposit before rendering services, but during the summer their services are in high demand – and they may require a prepayment to ensure that you’re a legitimate customer, and not wasting time that could be spent elsewhere.

4. Turn Off Your A/C While You Move

If you don’t feel like getting slapped with a $300 power bill right when you move out of your current apartment, you should turn off your A/C while you move. Whether you’re moving on your own, or you’ve hired a service, your doors and windows will be open for an extended period of time during your move.

Leaving your A/C on will be pointless. Your apartment will still get hot, and your A/C will struggle to keep up, and will just cost you a ton of money on your power bill. Moving a couch in a 100-degree apartment with no air-conditioning may not sound fun, but it’s better than spending a ton of money on your last electric bill.

5. Don’t Overdo It! Take Breaks And Stay Hydrated During Your Move

You are not Superman. When you’re moving in a Bronx summer, you’re going to get hot, tired, and probably a little bit irritable. You’re going to be sweating through your shirt as you move heavy boxes, furniture, and other items – and even if you’re using local moving services, the heat will take its toll on you.

If you followed our above tip, your apartment’s air conditioning will be off – and it’s going to get very hot when you move. So remember to take frequent breaks during the moving process, and stay hydrated. Gatorade and Powerade are great ways to stay hydrated – they replace the electrolytes you lose when you sweat.

You could also buy some ice from the bodega, and put it in a large bucket with some water. You can use this ice water to soak some towels, or just splash it on your face to keep yourself cool. Do whatever you need to do to avoid heatstroke and heat exhaustion – both of which are common among people who are moving during the summer.

6. Keep The Needs Of Your Movers In Mind

If you’re using local movers in the Bronx, you should bear their needs in mind when moving. They’re professionals, and they’re used to the heat and exertion of moving in the summer – but they’re not superhuman.

Keep ice water on hand for your movers, and make sure they know that they can take breaks when they really need to. Doing so will allow you to streamline your move – a cool, happy mover is an efficient mover.

Follow These Tips During Your Next Summer Move In The Bronx – And Stay Safe

Moving is tough during the summer, but with these simple tips, you can make your next Bronx move a total breeze. And if you’re looking to make things even easier, contact Big Apple Moving today. Our professional local movers have been in business for over 3 decades, and we specialize in moving in NYC.

So don’t stress about your summer move. Stay cool and leave it up to the professionals at Big Apple Moving. Rain, heat, or shine, we’ve got the expertise and know-how to make your move quick, easy, and painless.