How to reduce moving costs in NYC

Whether moving locally or cross country, moving causes quite the expense. So you might go about wondering whether there is some option to help you pay less. This is quite normal as everyone looks to save money wherever they can. Well, let us tell you that there is always a way. In fact, there are several ways to reduce moving costs in NYC and we have them all noted for you in one place. So here is a short tutorial of Big Apple Movers NYC choices on how to remain well within your New York City relocation budget.

Follow the guidelines to reduce moving costs in NYC
Reduce moving costs in NYC by following some simple guidelines.

Tips and tricks on how to reduce moving costs in NYC efficiently

You know what they say – the early bird catches the worm, and the same can be said here. The earlier you schedule the move, the better. Basically, once you determine your NYC moving date, finding the most suitable Big Apple moving company will be all the much easier. And this is something most moving experts will advise you as well.

When it comes to saving money on NY relocation, first-minute booking of moving services gives you the chance to aim for the off-peak season (mid-September to May). This, in turn, involves up to 20-30% lower moving rates which companies offer.

Self-packing to lower the NYC moving costs

Unless you have the money for a full-service Gotham City move, you might want to consider going with self-packing to save money. Conducting part of the move by yourself is one of the most basic ways to reduce moving expenses. Invest some time and energy in order to save money. It takes an effort, but it’s worth it in the end!

Get packing materials at low cost or even for free

NYC Moving boxes are simply something you will need in large quantities for your move. Now, people usually opt for having the moving company they hire supply them with the moving boxes or by purchasing them. But what if we told you that there are places where you can find moving boxes for free?

In addition to this, you can also save money on wrapping and filling materials by simply using newspaper, linens or old clothes. For example, socks are perfect for protecting glassware or filling out empty spaces between items.

Furthermore, certain New York movers and packers offer the option to rent reusable Eco-friendly moving boxes. This way not only will you not need to worry about ridding yourself of all those boxes post-move, but you will also be making your humble contribution towards preserving the environment.

Reduce moving costs by reducing packing costs.
You can save money on just about anything, packing supplies included.

De-clutter in order to reduce moving costs in NYC

The less stuff you have, the less money you’ll have to spend moving it all. So do a quick inventory and consider which of the belongings you have do you actually need in your new home. Once you’ve decided, simply find ways to get rid of the extra items you have. You can organize a garage sale, donate them or simply gift them to friends. And this is guaranteed to help cut down moving costs, as well as potentially boosting your budget.

Perform a DIY move to trim New York City moving costs

Conduct the transportation yourself is a good way to cut moving costs. However, there are two important factors to consider:

  • Distance can determine whether it will be more reasonable to move on your own or with a reputable moving company. If you are looking to do a short-distance move within the NYC, moving on your own is a good direction to go. It comes down to renting out a truck and asking a couple of friends to help with the packing and loading. However, if we are talking about moving out of New York state, you really need a professional mover to handle the move.
  • Time, of course, is the other prerequisite that you need to factor in before making your decision. If you’re looking to have a quick-step NYC move and have no time to organize it, hiring professional movers would be the best course of action. On the other hand, if you have plenty of time before the actual move, then moving on your own is quite doable.

Cutting moving costs in NYC – bonus round tips

Getting to know how to save money is always useful. Discussing the relocation, it could save your life. Given that first several months after the relocation is the most difficult. Especially when moving to a new place. And particularly if having no job pre-arranged and you’re making an NYC move. Read on and find out what can you do to save every dollar during the relocation process.

Reduce moving costs through calculations.
You can’t save money unless you know how much money you are working with.

Hiring low-cost movers to trim NYC costs of relocation

Establishing a New York City moving budget should be an introduction into every NY move. Not only does it help you organize within budget limits, but it can also help lower your NYC moving costs. Reach out to several Big Apple moving companies and arrange for a house call with the representatives to get moving estimates. Then cross-compare the quotes and choose the one that best fits into your New York moving budget. Bear in mind that a good mover will help you stay within your budget by providing personalized moving packages that will enable you to save on your moving expenses.

Be on the lookout for NY fraudulent companies

Unfortunately, scamming moving companies in NYC (aka NYC rogue movers) do exist, so be on your guard for suspiciously low quotes that seem too good to be true. That being said, you must know how to recognize and avoid moving scams. As well as what to do if you ever became a victim of a fraudulent relocation scheme.

Bargaining to reduce moving costs in NYC never hurts

Check whether the New York moving company has any limited time deals or offers. Anything that would make them stand out. In the end, you never know what a company would be willing to do to obtain you as a client.

Trimming New York relocation costs through tax deductions

After you find your ideal moving company (low cost and high quality), you can research a little bit about tax deductible moving expenses and save on your international/interstate moving cost. You just may be eligible for a tax deduction on the costs of packing, transporting and storing your household items. So be sure to keep all the documentation related to your move (including all the receipts). And consult a professional tax consultant whether your move is tax deductible or not. It’s a good way to reduce moving costs in NYC. 

Avoid using low-quality packing supplies for your move

As previously mentioned, finding moving boxes free of charge will lower your relocation costs greatly. But there is a border to be drawn between cheap/free and low quality. Even one moving container in bad condition can break easily and cause a destructive domino effect. And that damage alone could triple the amount of money you saved by not using good quality boxes. Considering this scenario, perhaps using substandard moving boxes is a risk not worth taking.

Save time to save money on moving expenses

Time is money, remember? So, the better your moving and packing organization is, the more time you are likely to save in the end. And by saving time you’re gonna reduce moving costs in NYC. Did you know that creating a week-by-week planner can speed up the packing process substantially? All this can help save moving time, and lead to reducing moving expenses.

To make sure you are completely ready on moving day, take advantage of these carefully selected packing tips and tricks.

Cutting your moving costs is something you should definitely attempt by doing your homework in advance. If there are some real opportunities to keep plenty of money in your pocket, then why not take these chances? And the above tips on cutting down on your moving costs will help you accomplish just that. Conduct an affordable move. So get to saving!

Moving from Florida to New York stress-free

So you’ve finally decided to relocate from the sunny tropical heat of the Florida sun. Good for you! And what better place to migrate to then the vast and breathtaking landscapes of New York. But have you considered what to expect when moving from Florida to New York? Not really? Well, no worries, that’s what we are here for. Allow us to guide you through the expectations vs. reality of this particular relocation. One thing is for sure, this long journey takes a lot of time and effort.

Moving from Florida to New York tutorial.
A quick guide for moving from Florida to New York.

As experienced NYC movers, we conducted many interstate relocations. That gives us the certainty in having a clear picture of what you should undertake before, during and after moving from Florida to New York. No matter what kind of relocation you are planning to make, and how big your relocation is. Whatever your need concerning the interstate relocation might be, we are here to provide you with top quality NYC moving services. Making sure your relocation is conducted fast, safe and with minimum troubles along the way.

Important tips for moving from Florida to New York

Are you prepared to undergo the transition from that tropical Florida climate to the urban concrete jungle that is NYC? In case you are experiencing cold feet, we can assure you that no matter how scary it looks at the moment, it is well worth it long-term. It’s just a matter of knowing what to expect from the move. Besides, you wouldn’t be moving from Sunshine state to New York without knowing where you’re going to, right? So you probably knew the climate difference you’ll experience after long-distance relocation to New York from Florida.

On the other hand, it’s surely the right decision. Moving to this big city (some say the biggest in the world) can never be a bad idea. Even when migrating from Florida to NY. And while it can be a strange decision to move from always sunny place to a lot colder destination, switching Florida for New York can be a life-changing venture. The opportunities you’ll have in Big Apple are more numerous and more influencing your life than any other city could offer. Don’t be afraid of changing your life. Especially when changing it for better.

How long is the journey from the Sunshine state?

Depending on the destinations and conditions, moving from Florida to New York State can take around 20 hours by road. While you have people willing to push through the miles (all 1273.88+ of them) to reach New York ASAP, we advise planning out the trip with some stops along the way. Make your Sunshine state to New York relocation an adventure. Visit different and interesting places on your way. Have fun. Enjoy this brave venture your taking. Of course, to be able to do this, you should hire reputable and reliable long distance movers in NY. You can check the NY moving quote, trying to lower the moving expenses. But we always suggest you take care of safety first. Only when you know your belongings are gonna be safe with some NYC moving company should you try to trim the moving costs.

Every mile bring you a step clsoer to that new NYC lifestyle.
The journey might be long, but it’s worth it.

Now, you can of course always take the expressway. By flying from FL to NY – not cheap but it’s stress-free option. And all the while your belongings are being transported by a team of reliable professional New York movers. No matter what transportation method you choose, making sure your personal belongings reach your new NY home safely is a critical component of having a successful move. The safety, the speed, and the comfort are worthless if you experience losing or damaging your belongings by inexperienced, bad, or fraudulent New York moving companies.

What would be the main difference between NY and FL?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize the large differences between southern and northern parts of countries. The Same rule of thumb applies in the USA, and climate and landscape are the two factors that will strike you first and foremost. Besides that, we could talk for hours about the differences in mentality, lifestyle, business approach etc. In general, those differences between these two states can be explained the best comparing their representatives, and looking at contrasts between New Yorkers and Miamians.


Although being known as the Sunshine State, Florida doesn’t really have the best of weather. Florida has experienced some of the most destructive lightning strikes as well as hurricanes in US history.

Get ready to experience different climate after relocation from FL to NY
Prepare for climate change after FL-NY migration

New York State, on the other hand, is pretty much a safe zone when it comes to hurricanes and intense thunderstorms. However, winter storms are a whole different story. So be ready to store away your Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses and add a thick winter coat, boots, and gloves to your closet. This goes particularly if you’re moving right before the cold season. But don’t worry – it does actually get hot in New York, which is why we only advise storing away your flip flops, tank tops, and other summer wardrobes!

In general, New York has a humid continental climate, with distinct seasons and varying conditions depending on the region. So, it wouldn’t be unusual for the temperature to vary from 34 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 84 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Winters in the downstate region are a bit cold and damp, yet the conditions are usually milder than those in the upstate region.

Landscape & Panoramas

Black & white would be a valid comparison of the terrain of Florida and New York. It’s almost as if they are two completely different countries. On the one hand, we have the flat terrain, swampland, tropical flowers and natural springs which make up a large part of Florida. And on the other hand, we have rugged mountains, waterfalls, broad rivers, and thick forests which New York is known for. And then you have cities such as NYC, which are concrete jungles, made out of glass skyscrapers, steel bridges and streets crawling with traffic.

So it will be very demanding to get used to changing your lifestyle that much. But once you manage to do that, you’ll realize how good was the decision to move to NY from Florida. I mean, you can always go for holidays to Sunshine state, and move there once you get retired and want to slow down. But while you’re at full strength, and you want to earn as much money as you can, and to the job you like, we would always recommend moving to New York from Florida. The job opportunities in NY, especially in NYC, are countless!

Getting by when moving to New York from Florida

Prior to your mifgration from FL to New York, get to know the regulations
You must know the regulations before migrating from Florida to NY

Starting a life in a completely new location is always challenging, especially when you’re in a different state. You might want to read up on the rules and regulations, as they tend to vary from state to state. It doesn’t only stand when making your FL to NY move, it also stands for any kind of cross-country or international moving. You must know exactly the laws and obligations before you conduct your relocation. In order not to get in troubles in first several weeks of your new life after moving from Florida to New York.

New York is an ant colony when it comes to cars and traffic in general. So we advise getting your driver license in accordance with NY state requirements. And in case you’re not keen on driving, the public transportation network is wide-ranged and quite organized. As the New Yorkers, we would suggest you sell your car or present it to your family member or friend prior to your relocation from Florida to New York. Getting around by car is difficult even for born New Yorkers. And it’s almost impossible for newcomers. Especially for NY newcomers from Florida.

Exchanging Your Out-Of-State Driver’s License

If you still decide to operate a vehicle, you must get a NY driver’s license within 30 days of your newly founded residency. Make sure you don’t forget that once you move to NY from Florida. A valid Florida driver license can be exchanged for a NY driver’s license as long as it:

  • Has your photograph
  • It’s valid (or expired in the past 24 months)
  • Was issued at least six months before you apply for the NY State driver’s license
  • Not suspended, revoked, lost or stolen
  • Is not an “employment-only” driver’s license
  • Unmarked as either “non-renewable” or “non-transferable”

In order to exchange your license, you can fill out the application form and follow the instructions you can find here. NY state driver licenses are valid for five years once issued.

Public Transportation

In case driving is not in the stars for you, get familiar with the public transportation systems. Some claim the public transportation system is not quite good in New York. But I and my friends disagree with that. Wherever you go, you can be in just several minutes. In case you’re not going too far, taking a walk would be the most recommendable solution. Being that it takes some time to get to and from the public transportation. Plus, the phisical activity can always use you! Talking about public transportation, these would be just an example of some of the largest New York as a state has to offer:

Some final moving from Fl to NY tips

Important pieces of advice to remember
Must-know tips not to forget

Your head must be spinning with the input of new information by now, but that’s all normal. So here are some stress-relief pointers to help with moving from Florida to New York:

  • Secure your new home and everything that goes with it. Whether your move is inspired by personal desire or business necessity, you need to make sure that you find the perfect “home sweet home” for you after moving from Florida to New York. This includes obligatory paperwork and resolving any current Florida issues that are pending.
  • Find and hire a reliable mover. A key step to ensure that the process of moving from Florida to New York goes smoothly. It’s important that you leave your valuables in capable hands. So read up on reviews, dial some numbers and schedule meetings with high-rated movers. The less you need to worry about the moving process, the better.
  • Start packing early and without rushing. Consider starting the packing process two or three weeks before the actual move. It gives you ample time to pack everything properly and securely, while also reducing the risk of forgetting anything. Also, this will give you more time to research the state of New York and what to expect.

Storage units Brooklyn- How to pick

Do you feel like you’re stuck in an endless Groundhog day loop – same apartment, same job, same people etc. We understand how it must feel – after all, we’ve all been there. So why not do something about it? Why not attack the root of the problem and simply move to a new and possibly better place? Why not move to Brooklyn, NYC? Affordable, big city, lots of potentials, could be quite profitable – what more can you ask for? After you make the decision, whole your life could be completely different. And searching for professional movers and storage units Brooklyn relocation requires will be an easy job to do!

The only thing is that you need to consider the obligation that is relocating. And the very first step on that journey would be finding the perfect apartment. Second would be hiring the ideal moving company. But you also need to consider that you might not have enough space for all of your stuff. So for a smooth transition, you need to consider renting a storage unit in the vicinity of your new Brooklyn home. And since there are a plethora of storage units Brooklyn offers, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Storage units Brooklyn - ensuring only the best
Finding the perfect storage company plays an important role to ensure a safe and care-free move.

Storage units in Brooklyn – how to find them, judge them and make your choice

Recommendations to finding the best Brooklyn depository solution for your needs
Read on to find out how to find the best Brooklyn storage solution

Finding an ideal moving company NYC and New York storage units are like salt & pepper. They simply go together. So in case you are drawing a blank on how to find the storage perfect for your needs, we’re here to offer sound advice. Our perennial experience helps us to realize shortly what your requirements are. Without you saying too much. Given that it could be your first relocation, you could even be unable to realize what you need before you ask the experts for an advice. And there are several important pieces of advice you should get. First, given that you’re making a Kings County move, you should find affordable and reliable moving companies in Brooklyn.

To do that, we suggest you gather the information about at least 5 moving and storage Brooklyn companies. Make a detailed check about each, being that you wouldn’t like to get into the moving scam. Our experience is also that you need to save money on your New York relocation. So getting the information about the NYC moving quote. This way you get the idea about how big your moving budget should be. Another tip is to make sure you understand all important components of moving cost for NYC move. That way you’ll know what you should pay attention to.

Besides the moving company, you could be in a need of- Storage Units Brooklyn. Being that your new home could be too small for all your belongings. Or you could be unable to enter your home the moment you end the relocation. Whatever might be the case, make sure you get the quality depository units in Brooklyn.

Choosing the right type of Brooklyn storage units

Pick the best units for your specific requirements
You must know what kind of facilities you’re looking for

First and foremost, one needs to know what he/she is looking for before searching for it. And in case you are clueless in regards to the basic types of storage, read up:

  • Self-storage. Usually a self NYC storage. It is commonly considered to be a short-term depository. It is most commonly used for storing seasonal equipment or items you don’t currently have room for. These types of storage units Brooklyn have a simple lock and key and you are the only one that has access to them. So you don’t receive the full-service Brooklyn depository. You get a safe place where you can keep your items. But you  need to take care of your valuables placed in those kinds of warehouses in Brooklyn
  • Container storage. Here we have something along the lines of the long-term warehouse. Basically – you have a representative from the NYC storage company stop by to do an estimate.  They do an inventory check to determine the size and number of containers you need. Those containers are then delivered to your address by the company with clear instructions in regards to packing. Once packed, the containers are transferred to the Kings County depository facilities. So when using this kind of depository, make sure you check on the Brooklyn warehouse buildings where your belongings will be kept. Make sure they are secure enough.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re relocating or simply looking to de-clutter. Defining the type of depository units in Brooklyn you seek for plays the very first threshold in the journey.

The first step – make a top-ten-list of suitable storage companies in Brooklyn

Knowledge is power – always has been and always will be. Every search begins with a lot of background research, and so we advise following that principle when discussing storage units in Brooklyn. And the best thing is that considering the modern environment we now have at our disposal, you can go about doing this in several ways:

Research all option before making a choice.
Always conduct research before making any decisions.
  • First-hand recommendations. It never hurts to go about asking friends and family members for advice about the Brooklyn warehouse units. It’s always a safer bet when you have a company someone you know can vouch for than hiring a brand new company you know nothing about.
  • Online research. The Web is considered the widest database of information today – so it’s only logical that you focus your search for storehouse units in New York borough of Brooklyn using it as a tool. In addition to the amount of information you can find, you can also find feedback and reviews from other clients. And this is a key factor most of the times, given that these are all people that you can now relate to.
  • Real-estate agencies. In case you are already hiring them to find you that ideal apartment, why not inquire about Brooklyn storage solutions along the way. Yes, they most likely have a contract with certain Brooklyn depository units, but that might even get you a discount.
  • Moving companies. You can easily find moving companies which offer storage services as well. And even if they don’t, most of them can provide reliable recommendations. So, again, when preparing to conduct the relocation, ask moving experts for their suggestions. Even about the storage units Brooklyn offers.

Storage units Brooklyn – first elimination round

Background checks often prevent fraud.
Make sure to verify all storage units Brooklyn has to offer.

By now you should probably have a list of potential storage companies for Brooklyn relocation. So how do you go about removing some of them from the list? Well, easy enough if you follow the following steps:

  1. Conduct background checks. NYC is a giant pond – competition is large and fraudulent companies hide everywhere. Always visit the storage company website (if one exists) and verify the license and validity of the Kings County depository companies before even considering hiring them. It’s ok that you look for the companies online. But in case you just type ‘Storage Units Brooklyn’, don’t even hope you’ll avoid a depository scam. Always do a thorough background check. Taking care of safety is the most important thing!
  2. Check any reviews or comments about the depository facilities in Brooklyn you intend to rent or use. If none are available, caution is highly advised. These are typical markers of either young and inexperienced companies or companies which have something to hide. No matter the scenario, the message is fixed – as long as there are posts, they are worth considering.
  3. Check for any records of complaints.  Start from the Better Business Bureau and search for the company in question. Then read up on any articles or news involving the storage place. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact the local police department and check whether there were any past incidents or reports involving the Brooklyn storage companies you consider.

Negotiate terms of employment and services being offered for the price you’re paying

You’ve written off the inexperienced and potentially fraudulent storage units Brooklyn has – good. Now comes the hard part. If you’ve rented the Brooklyn warehouse units before, you have some idea what to expect from any such facility. In case this is your first time, then you might want to consider the following:

  • Double check every segment of the contract.
    Read through the contract and terms before completing the deal.

    Overall cost estimate for the services being offered. Most Kings County storage facilities have a fixed cost for the services they offer, which can provide you with a general idea of the price you are going to pay. This can help you spot abnormally costly or conveniently cheap companies. Make sure you check every detail about the estimate you get for each of storage units in Brooklyn. The scam could be hiding behind the low price. Always ask what you get for the price you pay.

  • Insurance for the belongings being stored away. Insurance is simply a must-have when it comes to valuable items. We are talking here about your things here, so all steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of those same items. If you’re purchasing the insurance policy directly from Brooklyn storage companies, carefully read it. Some warehouse scams are conducted through the insurance fraud.
  • Additional fees. Go through the contract offered to you and make sure that there are no additional costs to surprise you. In most cases, these would be determined by weight, size or accessibility so pay close attention to those factors.
  • Storage accessibility. It very important that you consider the distance to the Brooklyn storage buildings you are planning to rent. In cases where you might need something from there. Another factor here is the working hours of the NYC storehouse, as you might want to always be able to access the things you’ve got tucked away.

Taking a leap and making your final choice

Now, all of the fore-mentioned factors can be verified via phone, however, we would highly recommend taking the time to go and personally visit the Brooklyn storage facilities before making any decisions. This gives you a chance to see who you are dealing with. Also – you will get a chance to re-visit any potentially confusing terms and requests. So go out there and find the ideal depository company in Brooklyn for your needs!

In case you wonder why to put this much effort in searching where to store your items, let’s discuss some important things. How attached you are to the things you are looking a warehouse for? Do you want your belongings to be well taken care of, or you don’t care anymore about them? Being that you’re looking for Brooklyn depository units, we suppose you care. Otherwise, you would have sold or presented them. To keep your valuables safe, choose to keep them only in reputable and reliable storage units Brooklyn has.

International moving companies NYC

Deciding on relocating to another place is quite the decision. However, the call to move abroad is on a whole other level. Now, we’re certain that you’ve taken the time to think everything through but have you considered the actual move? Given that you are in the “city that never sleeps”, finding international moving companies NYC will be a piece of cake. Then comes the challenging part – making out which one would be best suited for your needs. And this is where we come in to offer our professional insight. Which is based on the perennial experience in long-distance and international relocations.

To conduct any relocation is quite a challenge. And we advise you to hire NYC moving professionals even when moving short-distance. When the cross-country or international moving comes on the table, there’s no dilemma if you should seek for packers and movers to help you with that difficult process. It takes the expertise to conduct your international move to or out of NY with no or with minimum problems during this kind of an adventure. And who has more handiness and more expertise than international moving companies NYC, NY?

Hire experienced New York international movers when looking to move out of country
If moving out of country, hire experienced New York international movers

International movers NY – a short guide to the ideal migration

International moving companies NYC has to offer are numerable.
Look for what international moving companies NYC has to offer.

Finding reliable and trustworthy international moving companies in NYC to ship your goods overseas is the most important part of your international move. You can check on some trustworthy international NYC movers visiting international association of movers. New York is a versatile state with something for everyone. Given the size and population it holds, it’s simply a plethora of opportunities and chances. No matter the international location you have in mind, you can arrange everything as long as you have a clue how. And don’t worry if you have no idea what’s to be done. It’s a normal thing if you’re moving internationally for the first time. Or if it’s the first time you’re moving at all.

The New York City international moving companies are here to be at your service. We provide you with all the essential pieces of information about the steps you should take prior to, during and after dealing with NY experts for international relocation. You can have all your relocation planned with the help of experienced Big Apple moving experts for migration abroad. And the planning is the crucial part of every business. Don’t miss to plan out your relocation. Having in mind that New York international movers are the best place to ask for help. 

International moving companies NYC – deciding on a shipping method

Depending on your destination and the delivery requirements, you can opt for one of the following transportation methods: air, sea or land. NYC international movers you consider hiring might offer only some of these three transportation methods. Still, it’s only up to you which kind you prefer, how fast you need your belongings to be delivered to your new home, and how much money you have at your disposal for this venture.

Talking about the qualities, each transportation option has its own benefits to take into consideration. Even if your move requires overseas transportation, you might need to arrange for land or aerial transport to and from the port. Luckily, the most of the international moving companies in New York City include all three methods into the services they provide. But check on that when discussing your relocation with each company.

Choose the method of transport carefully.
When it comes to international shipping, transportation methods can vary.

Pros and cons of international shipping by sea

When taking an out of country relocation, many people use shipping by sea
Shipping by sea is commonly used way of transportation when it comes to out of country relocation

Moving by sea is by far the most opted for when it comes to international relocation. People who are price conscious and value the safety of their possessions are usually the ones who choose this method. Pros when it comes to shipping by sea:

  • cheaper for heavy loads- but make sure to check the price with the international moving companies NYC you consider hiring
  • no restrictions when ti comes to volume and weight of goods
  • great time-saver if your current and new location are near ports

Not everything is great about this method, however. The cons would be:

  • dependence of the departure timetable
  • weather conditions can delay estimated delivery time
  • additional costs when it comes to getting your stuff to the port and from the port to your new home

Pros and cons of international shipping by land

You have flexibility if transporting belongings by truck
Transportation by truck offers you flexibility

When considering options for moving or transporting goods by land, there are commonly two methods: truck or train.

When it comes to truck shipping, the key factor is flexibility. You can adjust the route at any time, depending on the need to do so. If we’re talking about short-distance international moves (e.g. Mexico or Canada), it saves a lot of money and time. The loading and unloading process is much faster and given that it usually entails small volume loads, it is much more efficient space-wise. Hence you should consider transportation by land using trucks in case you need flexible and money-saving kind of transportation for your belongings.

On the other hand, conducting transportation via train gives the following benefits:

  • high maximum load capacity
  • weather conditions do not play a key role
  • costs are much lower
  • accessibility to remote regions and far distances

The only issue with train transport is the lack of “door to door” delivery options. Hence, additional transport options are required. This is why comparing truck and train, we must say the first option is better. You use only one transportation, and your belongings are delivered directly to your new home.

Pros and cons of international shipping by air

If you need to transport the items very long distance or intercontinental, an airplane could be the perfect solution
An airplane is ideal when looking to transport your items very long distance, or intercontinental

Before you jump into conclusions, you should know that this type of shipping offers a number of valuable advantages for international moving.

  • ideal for long distance
  • quickest and most efficient method of intercontinental moving companies NYC transportation
  • long distance time-saver
  • the safe and secure manner of delivery.

One of the main disadvantages of aerial transport, as you could conclude yourself, is that it is the highest priced option. Also, weather conditions and time schedules play a key role. And in addition to all of this, there are still additional costs in regards to “door to door” delivery. But in case you don’t warry that much about the price, or you find an affordable option with some of New York worldwide movers, this could be the winning option for you.

Calculating costs before reaching out to international moving companies NYC

Calculating costs of moving helps you organize better, and find the most affordable NY international movers
International moving calculated correctly makes you able to find the NY international movers on a budget

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how important it is to know the moving cost estimate. No matter how short or long your move is, you always look to save money, don’t you? Well, that’s why it is particularly important to know your moving cost estimate for an international relocation! Everything that you can save on local interstate moves can only be multiplied when it comes to international long distance relocation. This is why you should take into consideration some of the following factors:

The cost of transportation

The size and the distance of your relocation can determine the international shipping price. We previously covered the different types of transportation methods. So before making any rash decisions, compare prices based on the transportation method, and pick the most affordable. In addition to that, you need to consider the route. Sometimes it happens that longer routes can mean lower costs. And, to make sure you calculated all the costs, get to know if you need additional transportation besides the one moving your items out of country.

NYC international moving companies- services of packing/unpacking

Given that you are moving long-distance, your belongings need to be packed in the safest and best manner possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of them being damaged or even hurting someone. And with international moves, this risk rises with every mile you take. Even if you hire NYC worldwide movers.So why not relief the moving stress by spending a couple of hundred dollars more on professional packing services? No matter how you spin it, you will be forced to pay professional assistance when moving to certain countries. Especially when you consider that some countries customs require professional mover’s guarantees to prevent transportation of illegal goods.

Besides this, take a minute and try to picture the amount of stress and tiredness after you relocate. If you pictured it as one of the most stressful and the most fatiguing processes you had an opportunity to experience in your life, you’re completely right. And that’s when you need to think about the unpacking. What do you think, would it be smart adding a little more to your NYC moving companies for out of country move costs and hiring them for unpacking services too?

Potential storage costs

If needing to store items, look for New York international movers owning storage facilities
If you need to store your belongings for a while, search for New York international moving companies having storage facilities

When discussing long-distance moves, the need for renting a storage unit often comes up. In case you’re wondering how this occurs, here are some ideas:

  • In scenarios where your items reach the location before you do, you need to have them stored away safely.
  • Another situation would be flexible shipping. This is a cheap option where the company decides on a convenient moving time and charge you less because of it. And because you will be waiting on them, you need to have your stuff stored away while waiting transportation day.

And this is why it is important that you include the expense of renting an NYC storage into your budget calculation. This will help you narrow down your choices between the international moving companies NYC has to offer.

International moving insurance

Points of view vary when it comes to this specific topic. While some consider the risk of something happening quite plausible, others will consider insurance an unnecessary expense. Well, what if something does happen? You can never know these things. So wouldn’t it be a safer bet to simply prevent any potential issue by cashing out for insurance? And in addition to that, most international moving companies NYC will require insurance as the responsibility is too large to undertake.

Additional expenses

  • Visa cost- Moving to some countries, there could be a need of owning a visa (unless you have double citizenship). In any case, make sure to inquire about visas and any costs regarding them.
  • Customs charges and taxes- This varies from country to country. Whereas there are countries which won’t charge you anything or a symbolic price, others will influence your overall moving cost with their charge. So do your research before just to be sure, and prepared.
  • Lawyer fees- In case you don’t wish to bother with paperwork regarding your relocation, consider hiring a law office to do it for you.
  • Costs for your new home- No matter if you’re purchasing or renting real estate, you need to consider the cost of doing that. And make sure to cover the first several months in regards to living expenses.

And there you have it. Once your research is done and you plan out the transportation and budget, finding international moving companies NYC will be a walk in the park. And once you find the companies you need, it’s just a matter of going through the selection process. All in all, we are happy for you and wish you all the best wherever you’ve decided on moving to. Remember – the world is your oyster! Don’t wait the last minute for your move, although NY movers for out of country relocation could help you in case that happens too. But we suggest you think about everything on time, and your moving out of the country will be just perfect!

Moving boxes Brooklyn for cheap relocation

The process of moving can be an overwhelming and complex undergoing. But with the right plan and organization, it can go quite smoothly. Once you’ve done the essentials of finding your new residence and hiring the ideal moving company, it all comes down to packing. Doing the inventory, decluttering, packing, labeling… It’s all nice and well but the first step is finding the proper moving boxes Brooklyn can offer. So just follow the bread crumbs Big Apple Movers left for you and you’ll be packed and ready to go in no time.

It is very important to get the appropriate bins and crates for the items you need to pack. You need to know the size, the strength and the quality each of your belongings require to be safe during the relocation. It’s up to you whether you’ll choose to acquire the crates yourself, or you’ll use the moving boxes Brooklyn packers and movers could provide you with. Nevertheless, you are recommended to consider all the options and choose safety in front of affordability. Given that you could get cheap moving boxes Brooklyn stores have, but then you could endanger the safety of your items. Always check, double check, and check again every decision you make!

Moving boxes Brooklyn has to offer are everywhere
Finding moving crates and bins is a key factor for your relocation.

Learning all you can about moving boxes Brooklyn has stashed away

You can’t plan out moving your Brooklyn home or office without knowing where to get moving boxes NYC. This is simply something you will need for your packing. After all, everyone needs some containers to move their belongings from point A to point B. The issue is that most people do not really keep their own boxes. So it should be easy for you to find the container solutions for Brooklyn move. There is a variety of places where you could do that for free, or for a very affordable price. Read on and discover the sources of those important supplies for your Brooklyn move.

Making a moving inventory

Know what boxes you need by knowing what you need to pack.
Composing a home inventory can not only help, but it makes a move much easier.

An inventory is the first thing you should complete before you move. Many people decide to skip making an inventory. Either because they are moving by themselves or they are paying for full service moving, which includes the conducting of an inventory as part of the package. Although an inventory may seem tedious, there are many reasons why you will want to conduct one yourself. In case you haven’t got enough time, you should be quick and make a checklist of all your belongings. It is an essential thing to do, so don’t make excuses not to. Even if there is some big reason, sleep a few hours less, but do make an inventory.

A detailed inventory will help a professional mover determine what size truck you might need, how many and which types of containers, and how many movers will be required to move your home. Another advantage is that it will make packing so much easier when you know what you need to pack. Besides that, you keep all your items safe from getting lost or stolen. Whatever might happen, you have the list of your stuff packed into the Brooklyn moving boxes. Therefore, you could easily find out if something’s missing. And find the responsible for such an omission.

What to look for when searching for NYC moving crates?

Be careful when searching for Brooklyn bins and crates for your relocation
Pay attention to all the details when searching for Brooklyn relocation containers for your items

The good thing is that there are lots of online businesses which deal in moving boxes and other packing materials. They offer a variety of containers for all of your needs. Acquiring and using these containers to get things packed up will make your move a whole lot easier. When looking at boxes, there are three important criteria to consider:

  1. StrengthJust because a box is large, doesn’t mean it can carry a lot of weight. All boxes have a seal printed on the bottom flap by the manufacturer certifying the strength of the box. Industry-standard boxes for moving are 200lb test weight or 32 ECT. Larger boxes should have a higher test weight/strength. You will also find a capacity in weight that the box is designed to handle on the certificate seal.
  2. SizeAs cliche as it might sound – size does matter. But only in the sense of manageability when it comes to moving boxes. The number one cause of damage during a move is a half-empty box. Empty space in a box can create a lot of issues during transport.
  3. QualityMoving boxes get weak when reused, and are ruined when they get wet. One of the biggest concerns is the side of the box where the seam is glued. Over time, the glue becomes unreliable and can easily separate. This is why it is important that the crates you find are new or slightly used.

Moving boxes Brooklyn – where to find them

Finding moving boxes Brooklyn made easy
For those willing to search, finding boxes can be a walk in the park.

When you think about where to get moving boxes, make sure you not to forget the various online stores that sell them. These places are just so great for getting you exactly what you are looking for as soon as possible. You may find that you are able to get boxes from a place like this quicker than if you had gone around searching for them.

If you are looking to cut down the NYC moving cost, there are plenty of places where you can find moving boxes Brooklyn stores offer for free. But be careful here. As we said, the safety is the most important thing. Check on the aforementioned aspects of quantity and quality for boxes for Brooklyn move. Only use second-hand relocation containers that can be used again. You could even consider getting plastic bins, being that they are more durable than the cardboard ones. So, here are some suggested sources where you will be able to score some free boxes for Brooklyn relocation:

Grocery Store

Grocery stores and supermarkets are one of your best sources for free boxes. They get a large number of packing containers on a daily basis and have to recycle them. They will be happy to give you whatever boxes you need. Go around the neighborhood, ask if there are some boxes to get for free. And see if there are some plastic crates for Brooklyn move you’re about to make. You could possibly rent them, or borrow, in case you know the owners well.

Office Supply Store

Big office stores, such as Staples have large numbers of boxes that they have to recycle every day. Best bet would be computer paper boxes that are used to ship stacks of notebooks and office supplies containers.  You can pack items such as books, DVD’s office supplies, kitchen utensils, clothes etc. in these kinds of containers. Don’t forget to search for the packing supplies, while around the office supply stores. To pack your boxes for Brooklyn migration, you’ll also need the tape, the labels, the scissors etc. Make it a win-win combination.

Liquor Stores

Liquor companies provide really great boxes due to the very expensive and fragile wares they transport. Since they are usually small or medium boxes, they are great for packing highly breakable items. Glass and porcelain items, dishes, your own liquor bottles etc. The most important thing with these Brooklyn relocation boxes isn’t only that you get them for free. But also that you get Brooklyn moving bins specifically made to save fragile items during the transportation!

Get to know all about bins and crates for Brooklyn move, and where to find them
Get the answers to all your questions about the kinds of containers to pack your items for Brooklyn move, and where to find them


Every neighborhood in the US has a pharmacy, and Brooklyn is nothing different. Pharmacies have packing boxes in all sizes and will be happy to offer them to you. It is always good to find out when a new shipment is coming and come that evening to pick up all the new boxes they have ready for recycling. Get friends among the pharmacists and be the first one to know when the next shipment arrives. You’ll be able to get all sorts of crates for Kings County relocation, of all sizes.


Starbucks stores receive anywhere from 1-2 shipments per week. Most days, they will have a few cardboard containers that need recycling. Some of their containers are too small to be useful. Although you could have some items needing smaller bins and crates. On the other hand, the coffee crates and some others will be good for general items you need to pack.


McDonald’s fry boxes seem to be popular with people who are looking to transport heavier items. Needing smaller sturdier crates for Brooklyn relocation. The boxes are heavy duty and can be an excellent alternative to traditional china boxes.

Disposing of moving boxes Brooklyn- after the relocation

The moment you realize that the last box has been unloaded, you will feel relieved but still… There is a long way to go before you can even say that you’re done with the boxes for Brooklyn move. Once you unpack your stuff you will face a new problem – what to do with all those empty boxes, crates, and bins for moving to New York that you now have? Now from the one searching for used boxes for Brooklyn relocation switch to the one having second-hand crates after Brooklyn move you made!

It took so much time and effort to get them, but now you have to find a way to get rid of them. So why not simply throw them away? Sounds easy enough, right? But, is there perhaps a more constructive way to dispose of them? We have several suggestions. Perhaps, you could think and find an even better solution than those we’re suggesting in lines to come?


Recycling would be the best eco-friendly way to dispose of moving boxes Brooklyn once you reach your new home. So go out and find where the closest recycling center is and pay them a visit. If you are concerned with preserving the environment and natural resources, you can perform an ecological move using recyclable materials all along. Plus, there are different institutions paying you for the material to recycle. Maybe you could even earn some money out of the boxes for Brooklyn relocation you used.

You'll feel good if you make a good deed
Good deeds always make you feel good


Seeing that you just moved and hopefully won’t have to anytime soon, why not give them away to someone coming to or moving from New York? Just think how hard it was for you to get those boxes. There must be a friend or someone out there facing the same issue, who will appreciate your kind gesture. After all, being nice to other people always feels good!

Selling them

In case you are looking to return some of the money you spent on the move, why not sell all those moving boxes Brooklyn relocation left you with. You can go on social media and arrange a brief auction for the boxes – make a pretty penny in the process. Never underestimate the number of people moving all the time. There shall surely be someone interested in purchasing your used Brooklyn moving crates and bins. If they are good to be used again, and if the price is attractive, of course.

Storing them

What if the need for boxes arises again in the future? You might just want to consider keeping some of the better and stronger boxes for your next relocation (if you are expecting to move soon). This, of course, goes only if you have enough space in your garage or basement. Another option would be storage units if you have any rented. Or if you intend to rent one, in order to declutter your home.

Self storage New York- Finding Good NYC Self Storage

Decided on moving from that family home you had to a luxurious apartment in the Big Apple – good for you! But have you considered that you might not have enough space for all of your things in that new condo? Well, if not, that might be a thing to consider. Together with that comes the question of what to do with all those items you are emotionally attached to but have no room for them. Renting a self storage New York unit would be a perfect solution in such difficult situations. Placing your belongings inside such a facility will solve many of your problems. Therefore, consider this option and be stress-free. Continue reading “Self storage New York- Finding Good NYC Self Storage”