5 Tips for Moving from Bronx to Brooklyn

5 Tips for Moving from Bronx to Brooklyn

Bronx and Brooklyn may be part of the same broad metropolitan area, but they’re very different communities. Living in Brooklyn is very different from living in Bronx itself. Here are some of the big differences you’ll notice when you move there.

Brooklyn is very pedestrian friendly.

Downtown Bronx has that fast, busy, big-city metropolitan feel. Brooklyn, in contrast, is a much quieter and more laid-back place. It’s also much easier to get around town there. It’s a great place to walk or ride a bike. Although parking is often at a premium in Brooklyn, the Bronx area’s public transportation system can take you just about anywhere you need to go.

Brooklyn is a safer place to live.

Brooklyn beats Bronx proper when it comes to safe neighborhoods with low crime rates. For that reason, many people with families choose to live there. Brooklyn has an impressively low crime rate, and it’s not inaccurate to say that there really aren’t any truly “bad” neighborhoods there. Even South Beach, with its happening nightlife scene, is pretty safe overall.

The school system is fantastic.

Brooklyn is a relatively affluent area, and with that affluence comes a population that won’t tolerate a shoddy public school system. Brooklyn’s public schools are top tier, and are very well funded. Despite the relatively small size of the island that Brooklyn is built on, there are multiple public schools in the area. Many of its public elementary schools are among the best in the country, and there are also many great private schools there.

Brooklyn is a diverse area.

Brooklyn is a place that attracts both residents and tourists from all over the world. You’ll have neighbors from all different places. Retired “snowbirds” from up north come seasonally to enjoy the mild winter weather, and the area has a significant Latin American population as well.

The weather is great.

The weather in Brooklyn is even better than in Bronx. On the whole, it’s a bit cooler and less humid in the summer, a welcome change from Bronx’s oppressive heat index.

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