5 Simple Tips To Help You Move To A New Climate

Moving is always stressful. You have so much to deal with – local moving companies, boxes to pack, leases and contracts to sign – the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with a new climate.

Climate variation is to be expected if you’re moving long distances – Los Angeles to New York City, for example – but you can even experience serious variations in climate during short-distance, local moves.

So we’re here to take the mystery out of moving to a new climate. These 5 tips will help you adjust to your new environment quickly, and enjoy your new home.

1. Budget For Unexpected Costs

The first thing you should do is consider your moving budget. Moving to a new climate will involve quite a few unexpected costs. It’s very likely that your power bill will be higher due to increased A/C usage in hot climates, or that your gas bill will skyrocket if you’re moving to a colder environment.

You may also need to invest in cold-weather equipment such as a warm wardrobe, and in New York City, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good pair of rainboots, a water-resistant parka, and an umbrella.

These costs aren’t huge – but if you’re not thinking about them actively during your move, they can pile up. Budgeting for these costs proactively allows for a more stress-free move.

2. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items Before You Move

Will you need your surfboard in New York City? Are you going to be able to use those skis if you’re moving to New Mexico? It’s tempting to bring all of your stuff with you when you move to a different climate – but there’s a good chance that a lot of it will be useless.

You should sell or donate items that you won’t need once you move. This can help you make some money that will aid you in moving costs and will reduce the amount of stuff you have to transport during the move.

3. Be Prepared To Switch Your Daily Routine

When you move to a new climate, you’re going to have to be ready to switch up your daily routine. If you used to live in a cooler area, for example, you may have enjoyed taking an evening run after work – but if you move somewhere with a warmer climate, it may be too hot to run at all during the afternoon, and you’ll have to start running in the morning.

Snow presents a problem to a lot of people, too. Many people who move to colder climates have trouble adjusting to snowy, icy commuting conditions, and don’t budget enough time for their commute.

Whether you’re moving to a hot area from a cold one – or vice versa – think about your daily routine, and the adjustments you’ll have to make to it once you make your move. This will help you transition seamlessly into your new environment.

4. You’ll Be Uncomfortable At First – But You’ll Adjust

Did you know that humans adjust to their climate? It’s true! If you’ve lived in Arizona all of your life, for example, your body is going to be able to deal with high temperatures more effectively. Your body sweats more efficiently, and you lose fewer salts and electrolytes through your sweat.

And if you live in a colder environment like New York City, your body will be more adapted to the cold! Your blood vessels can narrow more rapidly, preserving heat by reducing peripheral blood flow. This leads to an easier time maintaining a high core temperature, and increased sensations of warmth.

All that was kind of complicated, so we’ll put it simply – your body is, in fact, adjusted to your current climate. When you move to a new one, you might be uncomfortable for a while. But, given time, your body will adjust, and you’ll be more able to deal with the climate conditions of your new home.

5. Stay Positive And Enjoy Your New Home

Moving is a time of stress – and it can be a time of negativity. This is especially true if you’re making a dramatic change, and moving somewhere with a radically different climate.

But don’t focus on the negatives. Change isn’t a bad thing, and moving to a totally new climate is the perfect time to enjoy some new activities, and change your lifestyle! If you used to love surfing, and moved to New York City, check out some snowsports up in Vermont! If you’re a cross-country skier who moved to Los Angeles, you could get into a warmer-weather sport like roller derby!

The opportunities are endless. Moving to a new climate is the perfect time to change your life. If you stay positive and are ready for the changes that your move will bring, you’re sure to have no trouble making the transition.

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