5 home downsizing steps you should try

You don’t have to be exceptionally smart to know that adapting to a bigger home is a piece of cake comparing to home downsizing. Your biggest enemies in home downsizing are all those “just in case” things you aren’t willing to part with. Also, there is furniture which may not fit your new home or items you need but don’t have enough space for. However, there is no time to despair. The solution is just in getting well-organized. We suggest 5 home downsizing steps you should try.

Step 1 – Answer the basic home downsizing question: ”Do I really need all these things?”

Admit it or not, there are lots of those things we keep because of their sentimental value. We don’t use them or need them anymore. Nevertheless, we like having them around. In addition, home downsizing often involves the change of your lifestyle, too. In this case, some of your items will stop being needed at your new home. What do you want to do with them? To start with, you can take a walk around your current home and observe. Then, you can make an inventory list. It will help you significantly when deciding what to take to the new location with you.

The basic home downsizing question is : "Do i really need all these things?"
Home downsizing starts with the question: “Do I really need all these things?”

Making an inventory list to prepare for home downsizing

An inventory list can take different forms. You just need to make sure that you include all your items on the list. The process can be time-consuming, but the effects are beneficial and eye-opening. When you complete your inventory list, you will clearly see which items are necessary and which you have to part with. What’s more, the same list can be used later on when you start packing for the move.

Step 2 – Doing some measuring is an inevitable part of home downsizing

To avoid any possible inconveniences, there is some measuring for you to deal with. The measuring we refer to includes the following:

  • Measuring furniture at your current home.You have to know these numbers to make sure all your furniture items will get their proper place at your new home. For bulky items that may be a bit too much at the new location, you could consider affordable storage solutions. In the end, your items will be safe and you can use them sometime in the future.
  • Measuring rooms and thresholds at your new home. – Although this is important, people usually forget about this. Make sure you can easily maneuver all the furniture items that you want to take with you. Otherwise, you’ll end up in an awkward situation of not knowing what to do with furniture that doesn’t fit your new space at all. So, decide what to do with these items. Would you like to put them in a storage unit? Or, maybe selling them and earning some money is a better idea?
Measuring is an essential step of home downsizing.
To avoid any inconveniences in the process of home downsizing doing some measuring is inevitable.

Step 3 – Time to pack

Packing is the next step where you actually check whether you have done enough of downsizing. When your belongings are finally in boxes, you might realize that some downsizing is still necessary. So, while packing, reconsider your decisions once again.

Labeling boxes

Nobody expects you to know how to label moving boxes like a pro, but you can at least try to be well organized. Pay attention to these categories:

  • To throw away. – As the name says, these are items you want to get rid of. They are in bad condition, outdated, and not needed anymore. Accordingly, part with them as soon as possible and you’ll immediately get some free space.
  • To sell.These items are in good condition, but maybe you want to buy some new or they are not necessary for you anymore. Plan how you will sell them. A garage sale can be one of the options. The online sale is also worth considering.
  • To give away.You can ask people in your surrounding whether they want or need any of the things you can’t take to your new home with you. If not, Freecycle can be a good option as well.
  • To pack.These are the items that go with you. Provide enough packing supplies for packing these items. When labeling these boxes, use different colors for every room. If fragile items are in the box, make sure you write that clearly on it. Packing should be such to make unpacking easy too. Bear that in mind.

Step 4 – Planning your storage in the process of home downsizing

Despite the amount of home downsizing, you have to go through, planning your storage always turns out to be one of the steps in the process. There are always things we can neither take with us nor want to part with. Here we come to the question of finding the appropriate storage for our belongings. If you know how to organize your storage unit, your items will be perfectly safe until you decide to use them again.

Planning your storage is an inevitable part of home downsizing.
Despite the amount of home downsizing, you have to go through, planning your storage always turns out to be one of the steps in the process.

Step 5 – Finding a reliable mover

The last but not the least step in home downsizing is finding a reliable mover to help you move to your new place. By the time you come to this step you already feel exhausted and stressed out that looking for professional movers is always the right decision. Moving and storage NYC professionals offer various services that suit your needs. Not only can they move your belongings at ease, but they can also provide you with the right storage.

Final words on home downsizing

When your life sets you a challenge to go through home downsizing, there’s no reason to worry. Living in a smaller place has its advantages, doesn’t it? Besides, like everything in our lives, it just takes some time to get used to. If you plan the whole process carefully, home downsizing ends with ease. We offer you one of the options here. Following the steps mentioned above might be a great success. Besides, if a storage unit is necessary and you know how to get a discount on your storage, you can even spend less money than you have counted on.