5 common roommate issues and how to resolve them

Having a personal living space is the basic need of every living creature on this planet. Today, many of us choose to share our living space. This provides us with a safer home and a cheaper way of living. Unfortunately, some of us can’t choose who we want to live with. In most cases, we’re forced to team up with a person we are not really familiar with in order to save some money on rent and expenses. In situations like these, clashes of will are bound to happen. So, in order to make your joint life in NYC easier, here are the 5 most common roommate issues and the best ways to resolve them.

Borrowing personal items without permission

Many people don’t like to share their stuff with anyone. Especially not with their roommates. Unfortunately, not many people understand this. There are many cases when you will notice your favorite shirt is missing from your wardrobe and later find it in your roommate’s drawer. And in order to avoid this, you refuse to unpack and decide to keep your clothes in your moving boxes NYC after your relocation. If this is the case, it is time for a change. Boundaries need to be made.

A wardrobe with folded clothes.
Sharing your apartment with a roommate doesn’t mean they can borrow something you own without asking for a permission.

Off course, not all of us are the same. Some people don’t mind if their personal items are being used by other people. No matter what your opinion is about this situation, you will want to make sure you and your roommate are on the same page. Tell them with what you feel comfortable and ask for them to do the same. Talk to each other and don’t let the anger build up.

Messy living habits

There is nothing worse than getting in your home after a long and hard day and seeing it is in a mess. Our standards of cleanliness differ from one person to the other, but that can’t be an excuse for messiness. Why would you fight about it when you can clean your apartment with ease? We’ve asked a few people what annoys them the most when it comes to the messiness of their roommates. Here are their answers.

  • Messy room. Even though you don’t share a room with your roommate, it is still an ugly sight.
  • Dirty dishes. This is one of the most common roommate issues! Whether you live with a family member or with a complete stranger, dirty dishes will always be the reason for your fights. But there is an easy solution to this. Just buy a dishwasher together and there will be no more fights.
  • Clothes all over the apartment. Your clothes should be where it belongs to- the wardrobe. So, all of you try to fold it neatly and keep it there.
Messy room is one of the most common roommate issues.
Arguing about someone’s messiness is one of the most common roommate issues.


In our list of the top five most common roommate issues, this one is recurring. Even though you can find cheap fun in New York City, that doesn’t mean living costs aren’t high. One of the reasons you agreed on finding a roommate is to save some money. Keeping that in mind, you will need to split the bills. Pay everything together! This way, you will leave no space for any misunderstanding.

Bringing a “third” roommate

There are some days you just want to relax in your room without anyone to bother you. You can sleep, read a book watch your favorite show. Sometimes you will need to stay in your room and study in quiet. But here comes trouble. Your roommate brings their noisy friends again! We all like to hang out with our friends and sometimes forget that our little gathering can bother someone. Apartments in NYC tend to be small, so there is no room for a party if both sides don’t agree on it.

One of the many advantages of having a home with a backyard is having a place where you can hang out with your friends at any time. But since you are living in a small shared space,  you will need to make an agreement. There are many ways you can resolve this conflict. You can reserve a time in a day for friends when both of you can bring people to the apartment. Also, try to bring people when your roommate isn’t there if that is the reason for your arguments.

Friends having a picnic
Instead of hanging out at your home, organize a picnic with your friends.

Not willing to make a  compromise

Keep in mind that some people won’t be willing to make any compromise. Even though you want to talk to them or make a few suggestions to create a more functioning life, they won’t listen. No matter what you say, they continue to argue with you. If you still want to continue to live with the same person, you will need to find a way to make a compromise. There are many ways to resolve a conflict effectively. After you learn this skill, no conflict will stand in your way.

What to do when you can’t resolve common roommate issues?

Let’s face it, not all of us can handle a life with a roommate. Shared life can be hard. Especially if that person is someone you’ve just met. There are many common roommate issues and not all of them end by being resolved. Whether you are the one that annoys your roommate, or they annoy you, sometimes it will be the best for you to live alone. If you can afford to move and find a new place where you can live alone, do it. You will be less stressed and much happier with your life. You can start now by looking at the moving price. Think what will be the best NYC neighborhood to start a new life without a roommate. Start searching for your new home and prepare yourself for the next exciting chapter in your life.