4 Ways to Make Your Company’s Relocation Easier on Your Employees

4 Ways to Make Your Company’s Relocation Easier on Your Employees

NYC is home to many businesses, from small mom and pop shops to major multinational corporations. But in some cases, it might make financial and operational sense to relocate your company away from New York City. In most cases, you’ll want to take your employees with you, especially if they perform skilled occupations. These useful tips from professional business movers can help you keep the transition as easy as possible for your staff.

Help your employees get to know their new home city.

To make things as simple as possible for your employees, provide them with as much information as you can find about the city you’re moving to. Which areas have the safest neighborhoods? Which are the best local public schools? If the area’s public schools are lackluster, are there private schools available? If possible, you may also want to consider taking them on a business trip to the city before moving there, to help them get acquainted with the area.

Keep your relocation policy transparent.

In many cases, companies that are moving will provide some form of compensation to their employees to cover the costs of moving, such as hiring long distance moving companies and buying gas or airfare to get there. Let them know as soon as possible what you can and cannot cover, and whether you’re able to cover all or part of the costs.

Offer assistance taking care of essential things.

To keep everyone focused on their work, and to keep productivity stable while your employees are dealing with the move, considering offering them assistance with some of the more mundane but necessary tasks associated with moving. Your HR team may be able to help them do things like change their health insurance policy for another state, or gather information about what they need to do about their car registration and auto insurance.

Help them find temporary housing.

If housing isn’t part of the relocation package you’re offering, help your staff find temporary housing through long-term hotel suite stays or AirBnB.

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