4 Tips for Switching Your Utilities When You Move

4 Tips for Switching Your Utilities When You Move

Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, you’ll need to discontinue the utilities at your old house, and have them turned on at the new one. This is something people can easily forget in the hassle and chaos of moving. It’s not uncommon to accidentally end up paying for an extra month of service. These tips can help you get your old utilities shut off in time.

Choose activation and shut-off dates well in advance.

Before you move, get in touch with your local utility companies. You can schedule the account activation for your new home, and schedule a shut-off date for the old one. If you rely on internet service at home, you may want to have a good mobile data plan as a backup. It can take a couple of days of lag time before your new internet gets turned on by the company.

The best time to schedule a shutdown for your old utilities is shortly before your move. You may need to be present when the utility company comes over to shut off the water or gas.

Keep your account numbers where you can find them easily.

When you contact utility companies to transfer your service, they’ll ask for your account number. You’ll want to have this information on hand when you call. When you turn on the service for your new home, you may also need to provide your lease contract or title papers.

Pay off any overdue fees.

If you have a balance you need to pay off, go ahead and take care of it before you move. When you talk to the companies, make sure your accounts are in good standing, so you don’t get hit with any surprise fees later on.

Provide your new forwarding address.

If you know what your new permanent address is going to be, go ahead and provide it to the utility companies as a return address. That way, they can easily send you your deposit, your final bill, and any refunds that they might owe you.

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